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5000 metres men World Championships in Athletics Odds

Who wins 5000 metres men?

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5000m and 10000m events are listed as one of the most respected disciplines in athletics. Winning the race here is considered to be extremely difficult and requires a lot of training and strategy. We often witness a case, where most of the runners give up and the total number of race finisher doesn’t match to the number of the runners who started the race. First we are going to discuss the 5000m race and name the favorites for the upcoming championship.

Mohamed Farah, simply called Mo Farah, is the reigning champion in the 5000m discipline. He confirmed his dominance last year as well, when he cruised to win the gold medal. Unusually, he is one of the very few athletes that is reaching has entered the fourth decade of his life and still competes at such high level. Mo Farah has an iconic status in his home land (Great Britain) for his results in athletics. Originally born in Somalia, Farah reached the world stage relatively late but managed to become one of the leading figures in his discipline over the years. His best result in 5000m is 12:53 in Monaco two years ago but his chances of beating that result are questionable. In the Diamond league this season, Farah had stomach problems and appeared only once so far, finished second in Eugene, Oregon, behind Kenyan Edwin Soi. Although Farah rules this discipline for last couple of seasons, he will enter the tournament as slight favorite, mostly due to his lack of competitive record in 2013. If he prepares especially, then we might be looking to another Farah-dominated tournament.

What we previously listed as his Farah’s weakness (his age), is the main advantage for his main contender for the golden medal. Hagos Gebrhiwet from Ethiopia is the record holder in junior division and made a breakthrough to the senior team at the 2012 Olympics, where he finished eight. Hagos rose to prominence in the 2013 season, when he clinched two wins at the Diamond league opening in Doha and Shanghai. He is yet to face a encounter with Farah, who did not compete at those events. With no big results at big tournaments, inexperience might be the only flaw for the Ethiopian. Otherwise, he is just good enough to defeat his rival from Great Britain.

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