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2017 UK Open Odds

Who wins the UK Open 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Michael Van Gerwen1.611.61
Gary Anderson6.506.50
Peter Wright13.0013.00
Raymond Van Barneveld23.0023.00
Adrian Lewis26.0026.00
James Wade29.0029.00
Dave Chisnall34.0034.00
Jelle Klaasen67.0067.00
Kim Huybrechts67.0067.00
Simon Whitlock67.0067.00
Benito Van De Pas81.0081.00
Michael Smith81.0081.00
Darren Webster101.00101.00
Daryl Gurney101.00101.00
Ian White101.00101.00
Stephen Bunting101.00101.00
Alan Norris126.00126.00
Joe Cullen126.00126.00
Kyle Anderson126.00126.00
Robert Thornton126.00126.00
Terry Jenkins126.00126.00
Chris Dobey151.00151.00
Cristo Reyes151.00151.00
Gerwyn Price151.00151.00
Mark Webster151.00151.00
Mervyn King151.00151.00
James Wilson201.00201.00
Andrew Gilding251.00251.00
Brendan Dolan251.00251.00
Christian Kist251.00251.00
David Pallett251.00251.00
Dean Reynolds251.00251.00
Jamie Lewis251.00251.00
John Henderson251.00251.00
Jonny Clayton251.00251.00
Justin Pipe251.00251.00
Kevin Painter251.00251.00
Ricky Evans251.00251.00
Steve Beaton251.00251.00
William O'connor251.00251.00
Vincent Van Der Voort251.00251.00
Andy Jenkins301.00301.00
Brian Dawson301.00301.00
Devon Petersen301.00301.00
Jamie Caven301.00301.00
Jan Dekker301.00301.00
Jeffrey De Graaf301.00301.00
Keegan Brown301.00301.00
Rob Cross301.00301.00
Ronny Huybrechts301.00301.00
Ted Evetts301.00301.00
Dirk Van Duijvenbode401.00401.00
Jeffrey De Zwaan401.00401.00
Jermaine Wattimena401.00401.00
Ron Meulenkamp401.00401.00
Stuart Kellett401.00401.00
Antonio Alcinas501.00501.00
Brian Woods501.00501.00
Chris Quantock501.00501.00
Dave Parletti501.00501.00
James Richardson501.00501.00
John Michael501.00501.00
Johnny Haines501.00501.00
Kirk Shepherd501.00501.00
Mick Mcgowan501.00501.00
Mick Todd501.00501.00
Paul Hogan501.00501.00
Peter Hudson501.00501.00
Ritchie Edhouse501.00501.00
Ronnie Baxter501.00501.00
Royden Lam501.00501.00
Ryan Searle501.00501.00
Wayne Jones501.00501.00
Yordi Meeuwisse501.00501.00
Dave Prins751.00751.00
Steve Lennon751.00751.00
Wayne Morris751.00751.00
Alan Tabern1001.001001.00
Alex Roy1001.001001.00
Andrew Davidson1001.001001.00
Andy Roberts1001.001001.00
Barrie Bates1001.001001.00
Ben Green1001.001001.00
Brandon Walsh1001.001001.00
Brett Claydon1001.001001.00
Damian Smith1001.001001.00
Dan Read1001.001001.00
Darren Johnson1001.001001.00
Darryl Pilgrim1001.001001.00
Gareth Pass1001.001001.00
Gary Eastwood1001.001001.00
James Carroll1001.001001.00
Jamie Bain1001.001001.00
Jimmy Mckirdy1001.001001.00
Joe Davis1001.001001.00
John Ferrell1001.001001.00
Jonathan Worsley1001.001001.00
Kai Fan Leung1001.001001.00
Kevin Bambrick1001.001001.00
Kevin Edwards1001.001001.00
Lee Bryant1001.001001.00
Lee Evans1001.001001.00
Mark Barilli1001.001001.00
Mark Frost1001.001001.00
Mark Layton1001.001001.00
Martin Biggs1001.001001.00
Martin Lukeman1001.001001.00
Matt Padgett1001.001001.00
Matthew Dennant1001.001001.00
Neil Smith1001.001001.00
Nicky Bell1001.001001.00
Paul Barham1001.001001.00
Paul Cartwright1001.001001.00
Paul Harvey1001.001001.00
Paul Milford1001.001001.00
Paul Rowley1001.001001.00
Richard North1001.001001.00
Rob Hewson1001.001001.00
Ross Twell1001.001001.00
Ryan Meikle1001.001001.00
Ryan Murray1001.001001.00
Ryan Palmer1001.001001.00
Scott Robertson1001.001001.00
Scott Taylor1001.001001.00
Steve Maish1001.001001.00
Tony Newell1001.001001.00
Vincent Kamphuis1001.001001.00
Zoran Lerchbacher1001.001001.00

The 15th edition of UK Open will be held from 3rd to 5th of March, 2017 at the Butlin’s Minehead Arena. The players can earn a starting place for the final competition with a total of six qualifying tournaments. There will also be a separate ranking, the UK Open Order of Merit.

128 participants, including some amateurs, will fight for the UK Open crown in 2017 and a total prize of £ 300,000. Michael De Gerwen, who defeated Peter Wright in the final by 11: 4, won the title defense for the second time in a row. The world's top scorer dominated the game from the start, scoring 106.68 points on average to show a turnover of 103. Wright could not get his usual performance and had to beat van Gerwen for the second time within three days after the Premier League matchday in Exeter give.

The top 32 players will be on Saturday, March 4, 2017, in the third round of the UK Open, also known as the FA Cup of Darts. The special feature of this tournament is that it is played without a seeding list, which means that the top players can meet each other at any time.

In the first round, the UK Open Order of Merit and the Riley amateur qualifiers will be ranked 65 to 96. In the second round, in addition to the 32 winners of the first round, seats 33 to 64 of the UK Open Order of Merit will be added. The final is being scheduled on Sunday night and is playing ’’best of 21 legs’’.

As all the darts competition at this level, this event’s winner will be decided on the last day of competition, depending on how good the competitors are on respectively day. To sum up the possible winner, there would be to mention:

-Phil Taylor, who is the most successful player in the history of UK Open. He won this competition 5 times, finishing on the 2nd place once. The one nicknamed ’’The Power’’ showed a good form in 2016, winning  the inaugural Champions League of Darts tournament in September 2016 defeating Michael van Gerwen 11–5 in the final. That win against van Gerwen was a revenge after the Dutch player defeated him in the semifinals of UK Open earlier in that year.

- The winner of 2015 and 2016 World Championships winner, Gary Anderson is also a contender for the 1st place of UK Open 2017. Anderson’s best result in this competition is the final which he achieved in 2010.  Last season he lost in the 3th round.

- The world number 1 and last year’s winner, Michael van Gerwen is expected to get his 3rd consecutive title at the UK Open next year. The Dutch is a constant presence in (at least) the quarterfinal stage of this competition, last time he lost before that stage being in the edition held in 2012. In 2016, Gerwen won 5 of the 7 big events in which he participated.

-Peter ’’Snakebite’’ Wright and his interesting haircut style is one of the big names from the world of darts that are yet to get the title of this competition. Wright played the final in the last 2 years, losing both to van Gerwen.