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2022 Winter games

The Odds and Ends When It Comes to the 2022 Winter Games

It is nine years ahead of time, but what are the odds and ends for the Winter Games to be held on 2022, which is almost a good decade from now, at the time of this article's writing (2013)? Odds makers and bettors might seemingly be getting ahead of themselves by betting on something that won't happen till a generation later, but the 2022 Winter games does have some past clues and trends in previous games to keep gamblers guessing and speculating, which should make the eventual face-off on the ice and the powder more exciting when things finally come to a head in 2022. At this juncture in time, hosting is the main point of contention for the upcoming Winter Games.

The Main Thing You Can Bet on for the 2022 Winter-Games at Present

Currently, bettors can bet on which bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics will be patronized by the International Olympics Committee (IOC). There's a bid by Almaty, Krakow/Jasna, Lviv, Oslo, Beijing, Stockholm, and so forth. Which one of them will get the nod for the 2022 Winter games? It's weird for non-gamblers to bet on something that hasn't happened yet and planned nine years ahead of time, but for bettors, anything can be betted upon, even bids to host the Winter Games. The bidding calendar was announced by the committee on October 2012. The application deadline has already passed in November 14, 2013.

There are many cities to choose from when it comes to selecting the right host for the Winter Games of 2022. Who are your bets in regards to the likeliest to end up becoming the host city? The IOC Session that will decide the fate of the 2022 Winter games host will happen around two years later, on July 31, 2015, in Kuala Lumpur. The top bidding cities include Almaty, Kazakhstan (because it's the largest Kazakhstan city and a major financial center in its own right, plus the 2011 Asian Winter games was also hosted in Kazakhstan); Beijing, China (as well as Heibei Province's own Zhangiakou, since this was the host city of the 2008 Summer Olympics), and Krakow, Poland (along with Central Slovakia's Jasna).

Other Possibilities for Host Cities for the Winter Games of 2022

As far as Poland is concerned, if it were to get a successful bid, then it will end up the first time Slovakia or Poland will host the Olympics. There's also Lviv, Ukraine, which had its bid submitted this month on November 5, 2013. Oslo, Norway would make perfect sense as a host city... more so than Beijing, China, since the Chinese has a backup city in Zhangiakou to host the winter events themselves... because there's only one city required to get the winter games and snow-related events underway.

Oslo had already hosted the games back in 1952, while Norway itself hosted the Winter Olympics of 1994 in Lillehammer. If people wanted something new and original for the Winter Games, China and Kazakhstan are the way to go.

2022 Winter games - Host City - Who will it be?

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