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Winter Olympics 2014 Odds

Athletes from all around the globe will soon compete in the Winter Olympics 2014, which is one of the world's most famous events. Next year’s games will offer incredible wagering opportunities for sports like hockey, figure skating, downhill skiing and speed skating.


Ice hockey became a part of the Olympic Winter Games in 1920, and it is now one of the event’s most exciting competitions. It is also one of the best sports for placing odds. Since the NHL will allow its players to compete, the performance level will be at its highest. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, the United States lost to Canada after a thrilling game that has been called one of the greatest hockey matches in the sport’s history.


Alpine skiing was first competed in the Olympics during 1936, and next year’s games will feature a variety of ski events including downhill, cross-country and the biathlon, which is a combined event with cross-country skiing and target shooting. Since the sport’s competitors often win by mere one hundreds of a second, placing odds on skiing can be exciting.

Speed Skating

The Olympic committee added the short track event to the games in 1992. The event includes individual and relay competitions. South Korea has been especially dominant in the sport as the nation has won 17 Olympic gold medals. It is a fast and exciting sport that requires athletes to be calculated and nimble. Skaters who pass the finish line first can be eliminated due to interference or improper passing. Therefore, the sport creates a special challenge for those who calculate odds.

Figure Skating

Figure skating became a part of the Winter Olympic Games in 1908, and today, it features four separate events, which include an individual competition for men and women as well as pair skating and ice dancing. Winter Olympics odds for figure skating can be tough to predict because judges determine each competitor’s scores. As a result, the sport has plenty of controversy. However, the judging aspect of figure skating contributes to its appeal in the betting world.

Winter Olympics 2014 Odds

In skiing, America’s Lindsey Vonn is still a favourite in straight downhill while Mikaela Shiffrin is a world champion in the slalom event. Therefore, she may have enough momentum to take home the gold, but Canada’s team is likely to feature Marie-Michele Gagnon and Erin Mielzynski, and they are both strong slalom contenders.

Great Britain has high expectations for several of its athletes who will likely compete in the Olympics 2014. The country is looking for a win from James Woods in slope style skiing and Elise Christie in short track speed skating. Other strong competitors for Britain include Shelley Rudman who took first in the Winterberg World Cup during the skeleton competition. However, Australia’s Emma Lincoln-Smith and Lucy Chaffer are also strong skeleton competitors.

Many Olympics 2014 odds experts are predicting that Canada will become the first country to take home three consecutive gold medals in ice hockey. If it does, then it will certainly be another history making moment.