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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Election year in the United States of America is usually the most followed political event in the world. United States have a unique election system, which starts very early, but for the 2016 election the public and the whole nation improved their interest rapidly because of one man. What was firstly thought to be a spoof or a joke is now getting closer to reality – Entrepreneur and multibillionaire figure Donald Trump is marching towards a Republican presidential nomination.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy on June 16th 2015, two days after his 69th birthday in the Trump Towers headquarters in New York. Donald Trump entered the race in style and officially introduced the slogan „We are going to make America great again“. His presentation made sure that he will make headlines, by controversial remarks toward Mexican variety, calling them killers, rapists and bad people. His political opponents were not sparred and he collectively called them all losers.

What many though to be a one-time thing, Donald Trump toped the first official pole since his announcement. On July 9th 2015. Donald Trump emerged as the front-runner for the Republican Party and has since dropped only a few times to a second place. His pole numbers were often highly ahead, with Trump ranking between 20% and even 40% at the poles. Although many of his rallies and comments were populist and misogynistic, Trump managed to win over a huge number of voters, mostly working-class and people without any college education. What also brings a lot of people closer to him, is his success on individual level, with Trump successfully running multiple business and being one of the wealthiest man in America.

During his candidacy, Trump mostly commented the border dispute with Mexico, claiming that he will build a wall with their Southern neighbor. Another one of his policies concern the terrorist threats emerging from Middle East, with Donald Trump suggesting that a Muslim ban is the „best temporary solution“. National debt, health care, gun control, veterans and NSA, which are raging and burning problems in America, were not addressed in a stressful manner and were mostly so far ignored by the New Yorker.

American election system is compiled in a weird way, so that it is not traceable whether US politicians can be influenced by the wealthy donators, since the campaigns usually cost a lot of money, which the candidates have to gather by lobbying. Donald Trump immediately eliminated that factor, deciding to fund his own campaign and thus preventing influences from others. While this can regularly be seen as a great thing, Trump’s ideas are a bit inconsistent and offending so it is frightening that he can implement them.

The main question in America, but also in the world, is whether Trump can be the 45th American president. The short answer would be – yes, he can.