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ESL One Cologne 2017 odds

Who wins ESL One Cologne 2017?

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ESL One Cologne will return for its fourth year in 2017, taking place at the Lanxess Arena between July 7th and 9th. So far Valve has not conferred the status of Major on the newly announced event, but ESL One Cologne has been a Major since 2014, so it's expected to be a stop on the 2017 Major circuit.

ESL confirmed that its annual showcase in largest sports stadium in Cologne will return for 2017 in a tweet, which can be seen below. The event has been a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major for the last three years, so while not yet confirmed to be a major, it looks like a safe bet.

2016 was a historic year for Brazil. The  SK Gaming  was world twice champion of  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  and his Brazilian squad became the group to be beaten in the competitive landscape of the shooter. By 2017, the pressure is upon them. To learn about the team's expectations for this year, Omelette  talked exclusively with  Epitácio "Taco" de Melo , one of its owners. The event has rised in popularity too. ESL One Cologne recorded at least double digits growth for all social media metrics for ESL’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat channels. With 40 million impressions on Twitter, 69 million impressions on Facebook, and 10 million video views, these metrics have grown by 135%, 60% and 100% respectively. The event has reached over 7.5 million unique fans on social media, doubling 2015’s reach.

CS: GO  is one of the largest forms of eSports in 2016, both in Brazil and outside, where SK Gaming plays. When asked about his expectations for the year, the player remained optimistic. " Out here the scenario CS: GO is growing every day,"  he explained.  "I hope 2017 will be a year with a good structure of championships, awards, team contracts and fan support, which are more present than ever."

Taco first major commitment and SK Gaming this year will be  ELEAGUE . The edition 2017 of the tournament will be one of the Majors - world championships - for  CS: GO ,  which means that the best teams in the world will be vying for the title of the tournament. The Brazilian team have won the last two Majors - MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL One Cologne - then enter the competition as one of the favorites, but there are no obstacles on the way.

" Our team is still in flux,"  Taco admits.  "We have defined a fifth player and will be so until the end of the Major. With the fifth player will begin to rebuild our structure as a team in the game ." SK should play ELEAGUE with the Portuguese  Ricardo "fox" Pacheco , but he will not be there forever. Regardless of the unforeseen, Taco keeps the speech firm.

" My main goal in 2017 is to bring the triple world and overcome what we did in 2016,"  Taco told.  "We also intend to expand my social networks and work better my image. I want to start making YouTube and interact more with the guys. I feel that I leave to want a little at these points,"  concluded the pro-player, currently followed by nearly 150 thousand people on Twitter .