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El Clásico 23 april Odds


Next 'el clasico' will be played on April 23 at the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. The biggest football derby in the world, between Real Madrid and Barcelona, will be played on April 23 from 20:45 in Madrid.

Royal club currently has three points more than the Catalan, and also one game less. Both clubs have still one match to play until the derby.Real Madrid in the next round will play against Sporting Gijon and Barcelona will play against Real Sociedad. Judging by the results of the season and the uncertainty in the "el clasico" could be decided the champion.

El Clasico comes at a bad time for both teams. Real Madrid have three points lead and a game in the hand but April is hell of a month for them. In the last round they draw against Atletico Madrid. On Wednesday the play as guests against Bayern Munich in Champions League. Then on Saturday Real Madrid again will play far from Madrid against Gijon.On 18.04 they are welcoming Bayern Munich in the second leg of Champions League.23.04.2017. 20:45 is the moment when the Clasico will start.

Barcelona lost against Malaga in the last round.It is a big suprise as they are losing the title race.They are playing two games against Juventus this month in the Champions League and will play against Real Sociedad at home in Spain LaLiga. Barcelona could be significantly weakened in the upcoming "El Classico" because the Brazilian Neymar mostly two to three-match ban. Neymar is turned off in the defeat of Barcelona from Malaga 2: 0 in the away match last weekend, and certainly will not play next against Real Sociedad.

Although the El Clasico encounter at any time encourages the media attention around the world, the constant comparisons between Ronaldo and Messi and prestige for the two Spanish city - this time a team that carries three points could decide the championship.

Messi vs Ronaldo

Lionel Messi is the top scorer in the history of El Clasico duel with 21 goals;

However, he didn’t shook the network of his biggest rivals on the last five duels in all competitions, as its his negative record;

He also generated and 13 assists

Ronaldo has only seven victories in 25 played duels against Barcelona;

He scored 16 goals against the Catalans, ten of which were on the Nou Camp;

Only Alfredo Di Stefano has repeatedly achieved goal in classics from him, when it comes to football players of Real Madrid (18);

Portuguese has only one assist for the goal in the big derby.


Messi has not scored a goal in the El Classico when there are with him on the team Neymar and Suarez;

Luis Suarez is the only one who scored twice when there are on the ground attacking “MSN” or Real's "BBC"

Neymar is the only member of the aforementioned offensive triad which in the same match had a goal and assisted;

Under the leadership of Luis Enrique, Barsa has lost three "El classic", and as many defeats current coach has suffered from Celta and Real Sociedad;

The last visit to the "Santiago Bernabeu" completed the victory of Barcelona 4:0th Only one coach Barse has achieved a convincing victory in Madrid is this which boasts Luis Enrique.

Interesting statistics

Beginning from November 2002, no El Clasico has finished with rezult 0:0;

In 232 played matches, the most common result was 2:1 (43 times);

Barcelona has achieved goal against Real Madrid in the last 22 duels, which is the largest series in the history of El Classic;

Even 11 red cards have earned the players of Real Madrid in the last 26 matches against Barse, of which Sergio Ramos four.

All eyes of the world public perception will be focused on that Sunday evening to Madrid, looking for an answer who is better team at the moment.

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