Eurovision Song Contest 2018
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Eurovision semi final 1 Top 3

Semifinal 1: Which countries will be among the top three?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The first semi-final of the 2017 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled on May 9th at the International Exhibition Centre, Kiev, Ukraine. This semi-final is a mix of countries with a deep history in this music contest such as Sweden, Greece and the countries that are getting better and better year by year including Czech Republic or Poland.

Only 3 out of the 18 countries will get a place into the podium of this semi-final and the battle is, as in each Eurovision semi-final, a tough one.

Theoretically, the biggest chances have the countries scheduled to take part in the second half ( Armenia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Slovenia).  Talking about their performances in the last 7 editions of the ESC, the most successful country in getting a top 3 place is Greece, which has finished on the podium 3 times.  At this year’s competition, Greece is represented by Demy and the pressure on her is enormous as Greece failed to qualify last year. The Mediterranean country is being followed in this race by Slovenia, Latvia, Iceland and Armenia. From these four, 2 of them are looking forward this year to return to the ESC Grand Final: Iceland and Slovenia, while the other 2 are definitely looking forward to improve their stats by getting a top 3 position.

Regarding the countries which will perform in the first half ( Albania, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Finland, Georgia, Montenegro, Portugal, Sweden)  it is good to know that the newcomer Australia got a top 3 position in the first and only time it had to get through qualification for singing in the Grand Final. Also, Sweden always got a top 2 rank in the semis since 2011. These 2 countries look to represent the forces of 2017 ESC 1st semi-final. Not far from them are Azerbaijan and Belgium, both countries placing into the top 3 three times in the last 7 years. Finland is slightly behind them with 2 finishes on the podium of the semi-finals they took part in, but their wish of doing well this year could be amplified by the fact that the Nordic country did not even qualified for the Grand Final in the last 2 editions. Albania is the other country out of these 9 that has a top 3 finish in the previous years. Rona Nishiou got it for the Albanians in 2012, in Baku but since then, Albania only qualified once (2015).

The outsiders of this semi-final at getting a top 3 place are Georgia, Montenegro, Portugal, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Moldova and Poland, but taking a look at what Albania did in 2012 everything is possible and here is about Eurovision, so everything could happen. Between the mentioned countries,  Poland, Montenegro and Czech Repubic have developed their entries year by year in the last decade, Portugal could be making a comeback in style and there is of course Georgia, which taking into consideration the hidden (or not) political message of their song, this country’s chances can increase.