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Eurovision odds semifinal 2

Semifinal 2: Which country wins?

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The EBU, European Broadcasting Union has revealed the 2017 Eurovision Semi-final Draw pot distribution and the Allocation Draw of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Semifinals was held on 31 January at the Kyiv City Administration Headquarters in Kyiv.

A total of 43 countries will participate at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. 37 will compete in the Semi-finals. 18 countries will take part in  First Semi-final on 9 May and 19 countries will take part in Second Semi-final 2 on 11 May. 10 countries from each Semi-final will proceed to the Grand final where they will join Ukraine and the BIG 5 countries. A total of 26 countries will compete in the Grand final on 13 May.

Citizens of each participating country will be voting by telephone and SMS. Each country's 10 favourites will be awarded 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points based on the number of votes. The public will be voting in the event which is the only one regarded to this 2nd semi-final that will be broadcasted. It is going to take place on 11 May. The professional juries also vote. The 10 favourites from each national jury are awarded 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points. The juries will note vote in the same night with the public. They will note the songs in the night before the semi-final, when all the participating countries will have to impress them. These two sets of points will then be added to the scoreboard, meaning that jury and televoting results have equal weighting.

The Swiss broadcaster SRF asked to participate in Semifinal 2 on 11 May, as the first semifinal, on 9 May, falls on a night with an UEFA Champions League match and a match of the Swiss national team in the Ice Hockey World Championships. The request was accepted. Subsequently, it was drawn that Switzerland will be singing in the 2nd half of this semi-final, together with Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Israel, Lithuania, San Marino and Norway. The semi-final will be opened by Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Romania and Serbia, all of them being drawn to sing in the first half.

Taking a look at the history of the countries which are going to perform in this semi-final, it is very hard to say which is going to place 1st. Denmark, Romania, Serbia, Estonia, Norway and even Switzerland are all used to be successful in the ESC. Besides this, there is not to forget the succes that Austria, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands and Israel have had in the previous years. Looking back at the last 3 editions, 9 of the 19 countries that are going to complete in this semi-final were in the Grand Final for at least 2 times and they are Austria, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Israel, Lithuania and Norway. From them all, 2 have a 100% qualification rate (Austria and Hungary), but between them 3  Hungary is the only one who hadn’t won a semi-final in the last 3 years. Maybe 2017 is their turn..