Eurovision Song Contest 2017
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Eurovision semi final 2 Top 3

Semifinal 2: Which countries will be among the top three?

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The Semi-final 2 included the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the last 3 years and all the countries which were drawn to take part in this year’s Eurovision second semi-final are hoping to extand the so-called reputation of „The semi of the winner”.  As 43 countries have confirmed the participation in Kyiv, decreasing the Big 5 and the host country, the remaining number of countries which have to go through qualification round for taking part in the Grand Final did not divide by 2 and EBU have announced that the second semi-final will be the one with the bigger number of competitors, which means that a country which performs in this semi has fewer chances of achieving the final that one which was drawn into the 1st semi-final.

Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Romania, Russia and Serbia were drawn to sing in the opening half. This quarter is by far the one with the most important names looking back to the ESC history. Taking into consideration their performances since 2010, Russia is the most successful one when talking about the top 3 finishes. Furthermore, Russia won the semi-final it took part in at the last 2 editions of the ESC.  Denmark and Romania are the second most prestigious countries from this half. Even not being present in the Grand Final since 2014, Denmark finished on the podium 2 out of the 6 semi-finals they participated since 2010. On the other hand, Romania, a country which is making it’s comeback in the contest after being disqualified last year, has always finished in top 5 of their semis in the last 6 years, getting 2 top 3 places.  With only one presence in top 3 from this half are Austria, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands and Serbia while the other countries are all hoping that to achieve what in the previous years looked to be a miracle for them

The second half of this semi-final is composed by Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Israel, Lithuania, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland. Only 4 of these countries got a top 3 placing since 2010. Estonia impressed with „Goodbye to yesterday” in 2015, Israel got a podium finish with „Golden Boy”, Lithuania burned hearts with „Love is blind” in Baku and Norway feed all the Europe with love in 2013, these being the most successful countries of this part of the semifinal. Also to mention is Bulgaria, which had an amazing comeback last year with Poli Genova.  Belarus wants to impress in 2017 with a song in its own language while Switzerland, with a band led by a Romanian singer wants to make Lys Assia proud.