Eurovision Song Contest 2018
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Eurovision semi final 2 Top 3

Semifinal 2: Which countries will be among the top three?

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is less than a month away and the atmosphere is getting hotter in Kiev as the stage of the International Exhibition Centre awaits for the first rehearsals of the competitors to start in the first days of May.

Semi-final 2 is considered to be much stronger than the first semi-final this year. Initially having at its start 19 participating countries, in the middle of April there remained only 18 due to the fact that Russia withdraw from the contest. Russia was scheduled to sing 3rd in this semi and it’s absence means that all the countries excepting the 2 which will open the show have changed the number of tele-voting 30 days before the contest.

The countries that are fighting for the top 3 in this semi-final are Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Israel. On a subjective point of view, the unmentioned countries need a strong show and staging in order to get on podium.

Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov took another step to the contest by unveiling a candid snap from the shoot for his Eurovision 2017 postcard – the short clip that introduces each Eurovision act before they perform on stage. The overall theme for this year’s postcards isn’t clear, but from the snap shared through Bulgarian National Television’s Eurovision Twitter page we do know one thing: Kristian’s postcard will feature an adorable little dog called Zacks. Nevertheless, one fact is certain: the 17 year-old is between the favorites of the contest and his song is matching perfectly the taste of both juries and fans.

Serbia is going to sing first in this semi-final and her song is definitely a good one to start the show with. Commenting on her vocals in the song ”In Too Deep”, which are often described as very emotional, Tijana says, “it’s just the way I sing. I kind of don’t like not to understand the song.I like to feel the song. When I hear a song, I need to understand it, I need to deliver the lyrics, I need to love everything about it to deliver it.”

Going to the opposite part of the running order, Estonia is scheduled to sing 17th and the ESC semi-finals proved before that the later a country sings, the better it ranks. The eye-catching Estonians Koit Toome and Laura chose Lahemaa National Park on the Gulf of Finland for their backdrop of their postcard. Through her Instagram page, Laura shared snaps of herself getting down and dirty, all in the name of getting the perfect shot.

Asked about her staging in the Eurovision, Macedonia’s Jana Burceska prefered to keep the things secret. This could be a sign that her staging will be impressive and even if she is apparently disadvantaged by singing early in the semi-final (3rd), her entry is definitely a one to remember and having a good staging may rise Macedonia for the first time in the top 3 of an ESC semi-final.

Depsite of the already mentioned countries, unexpectable top 3 contenders could be Hungary, Norway, Ireland or even Belarus.