Eurovision Song Contest 2017
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Best in Western Europe in Eurovision 2017 Odds

Odds on Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Which country will be best in Western Europe?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
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Last time when a Western European countries triumphed was back in 1997, when United Kingdom got the honour of hosting the next year’s edition in Birmingham 1998. After that year, Eurovision travelled all around the Europe: from North to South and from centre to East, but it is still deeply missed by the Western European citizens. Last time when a Western country was close to winning the ESC was in 2014 when the Netherlands placed 2nd in Copenhagen.

Kiev will host 8 countries from the West: UK, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. While France, Spain and the UK are already qualified in the Grand Final, the others have to get through qualification: Belgium and Portugal will perform in the opening semi-final, while Ireland, Switzerland and Netherland will give their best in the second semi-final.

With big chances of bringing the contest to Paris for the first time since 1978, France’s Alma is singing an very energetic song called “Requiem”. Also being supported and promoted on the social media by the last representant of France in Eurovision, Amir, Amra looks to be the best French entry of the last few years. The song is being played in both English and French languages. In a completely different perspective is Spain’s entry which is hardly making the top 40 in bookmakers’ pool of the countries that can win the contest.

Ireland and UK are both not obtaining the best results in the last years. While Ireland struggles to qualify since 2013, UK is yet to be back in the top 15 since 2011. By far, their entries for Kiev are better that what ESC fans were used to in the past year. “Dying to try” and “Never Give Up on You” may not be between the favorites regarding the winning, but Ireland is between the favorites of finally returning to the Grand Final, while UK is aiming a top 10.

As in the case of France, Belgium is in top 5 in fans’ perspective. With an assuasive modern song, Blanche will shine in Kiev. The Netherlands is bringing back to the ESC stage a band who previously participated in the Junior Eurovision. OG3NE will be singing “Lights and Shadows” in the second semi-final in Kiev.

A popular entry this year is coming from Portugal. Salvador Sobral sings something that was not seen on the Eurovision stage during the last decade and the fans are ok with this old style song, which is in the top 10 in the odds. Also, Portugal’s song is the only one that has the lyrics in a different language that English. Lastly, Switzerland wants to be back in the final and has chosen a band with a Romanian lead singer which is going to perform “Appolo” in the second semi-final in Kiev. Since 2007, Switzerland was in the final only 2 times, this fact making the country which won the first edition of Eurovision one of the most unsuccessfully one since the introduction of the semi-final system.