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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Beside Angela Merkel in Germany, Hillary Clinton is considered to be the most influential female politician in the world.  After a rather unsuccessful candidacy for the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton will try to become the first women president of the United States. Hillary Clinton previously „served“ as the First Lady under 42nd president Bill Clinton and as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

Hillary Clinton suffered a narrow defeat in the 2008 election to later president Barack Obama, but over the last eight years has constantly lobbied on the political scene to increase her chances of becoming the president in 2016. After much speculation, Hillary Clinton announced on April 12th that she will be running for president for a second time.

Hillary Clinton is labeled as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination even before she formally announced her candidacy. The emergence from Vermont senator Bernie Sanders rocked her campaign, but many establishments in the Democratic party believe that her win is imminent and that we will not have much surprise in that story. So far, Clinton has much confidence over winning votes in the African-American community, among Latinos and women. With one of the most diverse supporters, Clinton not only has chances of winning the Democratic nomination but can also go all the way.

Clinton faced some controversies very early in her campaign. Her usage of personal mails was overblown by the mainstream media as a huge issue and has caused some supporters to change her opinion of her. Besides this, Hillary Clinton’s biggest issue for the 2016 election could be her ties with the Wall Street, which she cherished way before the Crisis of 2008. The relation to infamous brokers could be her levitation point, as the memories of the Financial crisis 2008 are still very fresh and might make some people change their opinions on Hillary. Hillary Clinton was in charge of the security issues when the Benghazi base was attacked in Libya by terrorists, killing the ambassador and two other American citizens. It is expected for this information to resurface on the election year, should Hillary win the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton is easily the best candidate Democratic party can offer right now and we can expect her to take the nomination. A huge advantage for her can be that, if she wins, Bernie Sanders’ followers might easily switch to her – something that cannot be said for the republican front-runner Donald Trump, who does not enjoy much support in his own party. Although Clinton centers around economy, healthcare, equality and human rights, she must enroll some strong positions on immigration reform and gun control issues if she wants to reach some of the undecided voters. Should she accomplish that, Hillary Clinton will not only be the democratic nominee, but also win the general election.