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Man Booker International Prize 2018

Who will get the Man Booker International Prize 2018?

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The Man Booker International Prize is an international award for authors who create a piece of writing that can be widely available in English.

The award is a fairly new accolade for someone to win and in 2016 the prize became a translation prize that would be awarded annually for a single work of fiction translated into English.

The award was handed out every other year, however, since 2015 it was decided that it would be presented per year to a worthy winner.

The prize money, which consists of £50,000 is split equally between author and translator, therefore highlighting the importance of the translator and encourage more people to get involved in publishing their work in English.

There is a judging panel of five members, who pre-select 12 or 13 books in March to be considered for the award.

Those 12 or 13 books will then be cut down to six in April, whilst the judges will then select their winner in May.

Last year’s winner was a book entitled ‘A Horse Walks Into a Bar’ which was written by Israeli author David Grossman and was translated by Jessica Cohen.

The book was chosen from a shortlist that included ‘Compass’, ‘The Unseen’, ‘Mirror, Shoulder, Signal’, ‘Judas’ and ‘Fever Dream’.