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Objetivo Eurovisión Odds

Who wins Objetivo Eurovisión 2018?

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TVE, the Spanish national broadcaster has confirmed that it will be holding a special Eurovision national final with the 5 finalists of Operación Triunfo 2017.

The 5 finalists of Operación Triunfo will battle in the 2018 Spanish Eurovision national final for the golden ticket to Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The 2018 Spanish Eurovision entry and act will be deliberated solely by the Spanish public.

Operación Triunfo was last used to select the Spanish entry in 2004. RTVE has returned to this format after not having much success with Objetivo Eurovision, which took place in 2016 and 2017. Rosa López won the first edition in 2002 with the song Europe’s living a celebration. She finished in 7th place with 81 points. Which, up until that point was Spain’s best result in the contest for 15 years. While it was televised, Operación Triunfo would regularly reach over 13 million viewers. This would be equal to around 80% of the market share in Spain.

Last year, Spanish Eurovision fans were unhappy with the way RTVE carried the country’s national final and accused the broadcaster of corruption. Manel Navarro was Spain’s 2017 representative and unlike Rosa López, his song Do It For Your Lover failed to surprise the viewers which translated in the country ranking last in the competition.

RTVE started the broadcast of the new season of Operación Triunfo six weeks ago with 16 candidates entering the show. From the initial 16 soloists, only 11 of them have gone through the first six shows and stay in the Academy.

Operación Triunfo is expected to last 3 months and that will give the audience of Spain the opportunity to get to know the participants of the show better week by week. According to the rules of the last 3 shows (2002-2004), the 3 candidates who reached the Final Show, were interpreting 3 songs each and the audience had to vote the one that liked the most.

Every week, the candidates are judged by a three-person jury panel made up of composer, producer and singer Mónica Naranjo, marketing director Joe Pérez-Orive and music executive and producer Manuel Martos, joined every week by a guest juror. Then, it’s up to the audience to decide which of the two nominees by the panel and teachers must leave the Academy. The two favourites to win Operación Triunfo are Amaia and Alfred. Operación Triunfo is broadcast live from Barcelona and hosted by Roberto Leal. The Academy is led by Noemí Galera, while Manu Guix is the musical director of the project.

Amaia’s got everyone in love with her from the beginning. Her voice is sweet and soft like a warm embrace, and despite being only 18 years old, she fills the stage like no other. Her attitude and confidence on stage makes it feel as if she has been performing all her life. But then she’s also the star of the contest off stage. 

Alfred surprised everyone on the first show when he sang “Georgia on my Mind” while playing his trombone. He’s the artsy kid, he’s already a musician and now he’s perfecting his artistry. He’s like the shy guy who’s super good at what he does. In a way, he is reminiscent of  Salvador Sobral.