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Women's ski jumping 2018 Olympics Odds

Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Who will win Women's normal hill individual?

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Ski jumping at the 2018 Winter Olympics and women's normal hill

Ski jumping for women is in itself not a new event. It's probably been going on for as long as people have been jumping on skis. But as far as the Winter Olympic goes, it's actually a very recent addition. When the games are arranged in 2018, it's the second time the women are given a chance to  be a part of ski jumping. When womens ski jumping was introduced in 2014, it was a completely new thing but has quickly become really popular.

The women will be jumping on the normal hill. That means the construction point must be between 75 and 99 meters, and the hill size between 85 and 109 meters. So men and women will be competing on the same normal hill. But they will be judged in different events and in stark contrast to other alpine events, ski jumping lacks mixed events.

Ski jumping for women has quickly become very popular. Especially since it has made it possible for talented female skiers to show their talents. And considering the enthusiastic public, it will surely be a fixed event as far as the future goes. So even though it's the second time women take part in ski jumping, it will be one of the most popular events during the Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea.

Each jump will be evaluated by five judges, whom will be looking at the length of the jump and style. It means that the jumpers must have full control of their bodies during the air borne phase and the landing. Some times, the point will be adjusted due to factors such as wind and starting position. It really is a technical event and the pressure on the jumpers will be great.