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Swedish speedway league Odds

Who wins the Swedish speedway league 2017?

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Ikaros Smederna3.503.50

Elitserien is the highest league in the league system of speedway in Sweden and currently comprises the top 7 Swedish speedway teams. The first season began in 1982. Before that Allsvenskan was the highest division.

There will be several changes in speedwayens Elitserien for the season 2017. For many years, a team trailing by six points gained top team with a tactical reserve. From season 2017 you need to be trailing by eight points to get the top.

In other respects the idea is to Elitserien next year will consist of eight teams. That means 14 regular season rounds with subsequent playoffs. How playoffs to be designed is not clear in the current situation. Regarding Swede drivers who are 21 years and younger (born 1996 and later), they receive a reduction in their Elite League average of 25 percent.

At a meeting clubbed Swedish Motorcycle and Snowmobile Association, Svemo, and its track racing section on Friday rules for the 2017 year of Elite League speedway.

The number of teams in the top division is unchanged at eight, but the playoffs will be designed in 2017 - previously with the semifinals and finals, or like this year with a playoff series - is not yet clear. It "is determined by year's playoffs are finished driving and analyzed," writes Svemo in its decision protocols.

The question is whether there will be eight teams in the top division when the Indians have big economic problems.’’It is very sad, but it is poorly managed and I have known me this several years. We can not just let the Indians start and then see how it goes. The club must be set against the wall of the covenant and really show that they can be with. Otherwise it will be hard for us other clubs when we sell the VIP package and similar to matches,’’ says Stefan Andersson Skill.

On the driver's side has seven pirates drivers clear: Greg Hancock, Niels Kristian Iversen, Emil Sayfutdinov, Peter Kildemand, Damian Dalinski, Daniel Davidsson and Daniel Henderson. The pirates have clearly with a young Swedish driver too, who will write on Friday. Otherwise, there may be two foreign drivers to the squad. ’’The set-up is that we have four strong name must press on to deliver,’’ says Stefan Andersson Skill.

Third-placed Lindgren has served as this season’s SGP first reserve, but his place in every round is guaranteed for 2017 after he held his nerve in a titanic run-off with Bjerre. “I’m very pleased,” he said. “It has been one of the very big goals for me all year. It hasn’t been one of my favourite tracks, so I am really proud of what I have achieved – making it into the top three. “I gave it everything I could. I rode Kenneth pretty tough a few times, but he kept coming back and coming back. We swapped positions a few times, but I managed to make a pretty smart manoeuvre on the last lap and stay in front.”