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The Voice 2017 odds


The Voice UK 2017 Winner

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The Voice UK 2017 Winning Manager

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The Voice Odds

It's become very popular among those who like to wager to place their bets on reality shows and other forms of televised entertainment. One popular show to bet on is the The Voice. There are two versions of this show; one plays in the United Kingdom, and the other plays in the United States.

Regardless of which version you wish to bet on, know that they both have a similar premise, which is to pit singers against one another. Another similarity is that the odds for shows like The Voice are usually formed early in the season. And there are several ways to bet on each version of the show.

Betting On The Voice

Regardless of which version you wish to bet on, there are two ways to bet. First, you can choose odds of who is going to win. These odds usually become available both during and right after the first show ends. Of course, the odds get revised throughout the season as singers continue their professional training and perform for the judges and viewers. As well, bets are placed on the one or more contestants that those who are betting feel will be the winner or winners.

The second way to bet is via prop odds. These odds are available for all manner of reality TV and other entertainment. The most common form of prop betting is the head to head variety. This includes all bets not concentrated on the show's winner.

We update our odds frequently so that you have the best chance to win. But please always remember to bet responsibly.