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The Voice 2018 odds

The Voice UK 2018 Winner

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Donel Mangena3.502.62
Simon Davies6.506.50
Lucy Milburn8.006.00
Scarlett Quigley8.008.00
Jake Benson11.0011.00
Harri Oakland13.0012.00
Gayatri Nair13.0013.00
Bailey Nelsen15.0015.00
Jamie Grey17.0013.00
Wayne Ellington17.0013.00
Wesu Wallace17.0013.00
Lauren Bannon17.0015.00
Anna Willison Holt17.0017.00
Debbie Aramide17.0017.00
Jilly Riley21.0015.00
Kade Smith21.0015.00
Mark Asari21.0015.00
Eliza Gutteridge21.0017.00
Holly Ellison21.0017.00
Paige Young21.0017.00
Chloe Jones21.0019.00
Bailey Nielsen21.0021.00
Ross Anderson23.0021.00
Ant And Ox23.0023.00
Belle Voci26.0019.00
Jade Williams26.0021.00
Shane Mccormack26.0021.00
Tesni Jones26.0021.00
Ruti Olajugbagbe26.0023.00
Ant & Ox26.0026.00
Courtney O' Neill26.0026.00
Saskia Eng26.0026.00
Rhianna Abrey34.0017.00
Kirby Frost34.0026.00
Jason Nicholson-Porter34.0029.00
Chris James34.0034.00
Ivy Paige51.0034.00
Kalon Rae51.0041.00
Loaded Sista67.0067.00

The Voice UK 2018 Winning Manager

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The Voice UK

The Voice UK is a British television show invented by Jon de Mol. It began airing on BBC in March 2012. The show has five different stage producer's auditions, blind auditions, battle phase and live shows.

The winner receives one hundred pounds and a record deal with the universal republic. The shows bring artist drawn from the public auditions who are part of voice franchise.

It’s produced by Dutch productions as well as ITV studios. The BBC won a business contract worth twenty-two million to broadcast the show in the UK for two years.  It launched the talent show in 2012.

In November 2015, BBC announced that the fifth series of the show would be their last. The voice UK was then acquired by ITV starting 2017.


The voice features four coaches looking for a talented new artist, who is a superstar. The show does not judge the performer by looks, personalities, or dance routines. The competitors split into four different teams. The team mentoring is done by the coach who also chooses a song that shall be performed.

There is no age range, and everyone can audition. If the coach likes your voice, he/she presses the red button. The red button makes the chair to spin around and face the performer.

How the show works

  • The producer's auditions

The show's first audition is producers', and is not aired on the television. Talents scout around the United Kingdom for singers to attend. This stage does not limit anyone since you can participate too. Solo artist and dues can join; however, you must be sixteen years or above.

  • The Blind Auditions

If successful at producers' audition, you proceed to the blind test. Here, celebrity coaches sit in their chair facing away so that they cannot see the performer. If the coach is impressed by what they listen to, they hit the red button.

When the red button is hit, the chair rotates, and now judges can see you. If many coaches hit the button, you are required to choose the one you want. You qualify to go on the voice UK battles if any of the coaches select you.

  • Knockout stage

It is the third stage of the competition, and here someone has to be eliminated. It was introduced in second series in2013. The four coaches will be at this stage with seven team members each.

It involves six winners of the battle and a single stolen member. Artist performs a lovely song of their choosing and coaches pick three members of their group. Later their team goes through the live shows, creating a final twelve for a public vote.

  • Live shows

You perform in front of coaches and audience in a live broadcast. The series is composed of each coach and five recruits. It is here that artists perform a seek vote from the public. The majority determines who goes through to final eight.

The final shall compete in a live television show. However, the judge's vote accounts for fifty percent while the public takes the other fifty percent. These ballots decide who goes through to the final four. From 2015 which was the fourth series, the public majority decides who goes to the last stage.

This means that a coach could have two participants to the final. Throughout the last stage, the coach does perform with the participant. The public decides the final vote and the winner crowned.

How to apply for the voice UK

Talent scout starts across the entire UK for singers to attend. However, you do not require to wait for an invitation. If you are confident that you have an excellent talent for singing, you can apply. The application is usually on the BBC website.


You must be sixteen years and above by October 1st. Solo singers are always welcome but can apply a duo. The application form is usually available online. Also, another means of application is uploading a video of open mic nights around the country.


The show has experienced enormous support by citizens staying loyal. BBC estimates the number of fans who watch the show to be around four million. 

It is considered a competitor of Britain's got talent. The media companies in the country are taking advantage of the show to create a competitive environment. This will later improve the show rating since it keeps organizers on their toes.

The voice timing has always been right since it enables you to give your best. Training and adequate time allocation is essential.


The initial promotion was released by video to different websites. The marketing strategy read, four of the best talents are looking for UK best skills. Only the unique and talented shall make to film auditions.

To promote the show, four coaches went to central London launch event. Next came the trailer which was released on 9th March. The container comprised of panels and contestants bickering between the coaches. 

Social media has also been a critical player in the promotion of the show. Boosting audience participation was a key thing by BBC through social media. Fans get to watch the show and engage by commenting on Twitter and Instagram. A team of creative social media experts was employed to generate online videos around the show pages.


The four big red chairs and four incredible coaches open the blind auditions. Over the next several days the coaches will be all ears as they search for the best. The winner scopes recording contract with music giants Polydor.

The show broadcast on ITV and those willing to apply can do so. The voice has promoted many talents all over the United Kingdom. If you believe your vocals are great, do not miss out on application period.