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2026 Winter games

The 2026 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXV Olympic Winter Games, is a sports event to be organized in a city designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The host city will be selected at the 132nd IOC Session in 2019.

Sixteen potential bids were initially announced to start the competition of getting the honour of hosting the Games and as of February 2017, twelve of them are still in this race, after the widrawals of Barcelona, New Zeeland, Boston and Quebec City.

The remaining potential bids include Innsbruck Austria, Sion Switzerland, Graubunden Switzerland, Stockholm Sweden, Helsinki Finland, Calgary Canada, Sapporo Japan, Turin Italy, Berlin Germany, Trondheim Norway, Patagonia Argentina and Chile.

The Host City of the 2026 Winter Games will be chosen at the 132nd Session of the International Olympic Committee in 2019. Asia will host the next two Winter Olympics, in 2018 in Pyeongchang (South Korea) and then in Beijing in 2022.

Taxpayer dollars have been used to hire 11 full-time staff members to work on Calgary’s Olympic bid exploration but most of their identities are a mystery. The exploration committee refuses to disclose who the paid employees are and what they do despite numerous requests from Postmedia. “Our staff has not consented to have their private information shared publicly,” said Sean Beardow, communications manager with the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee. “Given that we respect our staff’s right to privacy, we don’t believe releasing their names is appropriate.”  Beardow is one of the 11 recent hires drawing a salary from a portion of the $5 million Calgary city council voted in June to withdraw from its rainy day fund and spend exploring the feasibility of a 2026 Winter Olympics bid. According to a city website, the group’s general manager is Brian Hahn, who “will oversee the process to arrive at a recommendation.” 

Stockholm has taken a step towards a bid for hosting the Olympic Winter Games in 2026, the municipality and the Swedish Olympic Committee announced on January 2017. The Swedish capital presented a study that showed 13.6 billion kronor (more than 1.4 billion euros, $1.5 billion) could be spent on hosting the event. Swedish Olympic Committee President Hans Vestberg said the study "is an important step forward towards a Swedish application for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in 2026." "The study shows that it is both possible and desirable!" he said in a statement.

Swiss sport federations have overwhelmingly given their support to the nation’s potential 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid. If the decision is made to submit an application to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) before next year’s deadline the Council will choose from between  the “Graubünden und Partner 2026” (Eastern Switzerland) and the merged bid “Sion 2026. The Games in The Heart of Switzerland” (Western Switzerland) bids that are currently being vetted and evaluated by a taskforce through February. A decision to approve a bid would need to be ratified at the Extraordinary Assembly of the Parliament of Sport on April 11. “Since the start of the 2026 project, Swiss Olympic has received continuous positive feedback from all parts of the country,” said Jürg Stahl, President of Swiss Olympic.

The JOC would have to determine whether it is wise to move forward with Sapporo before it submits its application, but the city will likely discuss this with the IOC before an application is submitted. It is expected to be an uphill battle if Sapporo hopes to be successful.  Japan is already struggling to control the budget for the 2020 Games in Tokyo and it is unlikely the IOC will award a second Games to the nation while the first has yet to take place.  Additionally, if Sapporo were to win, it would be the third straight Winter Games in East Asia following PyeongChang and Beijing.  The IOC typically prefers to move the Games around the globe.

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