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Sanremo Italian song festival 2019 Odds

Who wins the Sanremo Italian song festival 2019?

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Sanremo Music Festival 2019 all you need to know

The 2019 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival kicks off on the 5th to 9th of February, 2019. Now, I’m sure you are wondering what the fuzz is really about. What so special about it? well, if it’s the same event which was the second most searched event in Italy as of 2017 is the one you are referring to, then I guess it deserves the ‘fuzz’. The only event that outdone her was the World Cup… what?

Some of us don’t care if it's overrated, exciting or purely tacky, it all depends on who is asking and who is been asked. One thing you can’t take away from this Music Festival is that it is more than a musical event. Before we go into the specials for this year’s edition, lets quickly share some facts with you.

The yearly festival in some years now has been hosted during the early part of the year. That is not going to change, at least not now. The date of the music festival has been confirmed and as usual, it will be in February. And one more thing that won’t change is the time frame, as this year’s own will hold for 5 days which will be from the 5th to 9th of Next month (which is February).

The Nitty Gritty of the Event

There will be the ‘usual’ categories which still remains two. For those who don’t know, we will be having the Nuove Proposte (which are the newcomers) and Campioni (which are the big artists). The show is said to air over the course of the nights. There will be two individual winners from both categories. The winner will be determined during the said dates.

The artistic director still remains Claudio Baglioni. Claudio who presented the 2018 festival with fellow presenters Pierfrancesco Favino and Michelle Hunziker. But Duccio Farzano will be in charge of directing the event, there will be a set designer which would be determined later in the coming weeks.

There will also be an orchestra which will consist of 60 elements, they will light up the event.

The usual tradition is to allow the winner of the Campioni category to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest. This offer is usually presented to the biggest winner of the night. But, according to national broadcaster Rai, there is no confirmation, for now, stating if this trend will continue or if the country will even participate in the coming event. Well, we wait and watch as this will be revealed in the next coming days.

Looking back

Looking back at Eurovision 2018, the event which was won by Ernal Meta and Fabrizio Moro is still fresh on our mind. They accepted to represent Italy at the year’s Eurovision Song Contest which was hosted in Lisbon.

We hope to witness an amazing event this year. One thing we all are sure of is the fact that Italy will not disappoint us.