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F1 Drivers Championship odds 2020

Who wins the F1 Drivers Championship 2020?

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Formula 1: Drivers Championship 2020

Today we are fortunate to live a world characterized by a wide array of entertaining activities or events that help take away some of the struggles of the day. What more can a person ask for after a long day other than spending some quality time watching a live TV show, some good movies or a captivating sporting event like a race day of a Formula One championship event.

Although the F1 championship isn’t the most-watched event in the world simply because there are others with a huge following or audience such as:

Its audience is gradually making its way to the top. However, the F1 thanks to its sponsors, celebrity drivers and fancy racing cars, the sport is gradually gaining more and more audience and recognition as the days go by.

Formula Drivers for 2020

Regarded by many as one of the most lucrative sporting events in the world today, the F1 dominance in world sport has come as no surprise to lovers of sports and fact racing cars. Spearheaded by betting and the quest to have more irrespective of what the little invested; has been instrumental in boosting the popularity of this sport. The individuals charged with making or breaking the dreams of those in the betting game are the F1 drivers or pilots.

Betting Odds

The 2019 F1 racing season is almost coming to close with its last race scheduled for Abu Dhabi in a couple of weeks. However, there is very little doubt regarding who the eventual the F1 champion this year will be. Based on the season's performances very few will be tempted to overlook the reigning and defending champion (Lewis Hamilton) irrespective of his recent performance. On the brighter sight, there is some hope for the Mercedes main contestant for the throne in the Ferrari team.

Having dominated in the last three races and scooping victories in all three, this team is one to be on the lookout for come 2020. Spearheaded by Sebastian Vettel a four times F1 champion and arguably the honest property in the F1 now in (Charles Leclerc). These pilots and the Ferrari team are well equipped to go a step better next season as far as the odds are concerned.

Surprised Package(s)

The F1 like in most sporting events the world over have a knack of recording surprising packages for those in the betting game. Although these drivers (Daniel Riccardo and Kevin Magnussen) with exception to Max Verstappen have all displayed below par performance this year (2019), the later has already shown and displayed brilliant performances for the world to see what and how competitive the F1 drivers’ championship is.

Final Note

With that said, if you are creating a list of who could scoop the converted drivers’ championship in 2020 look no further than the Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Renault teams. As competitive as the new season may be, these teams are truly the once to watch out for and bet without fear. However, do not be fooled to write out the Mercedes team and their hitman (Lewis Hamilton). He has always proven the world wrong when the odds aren’t in his favor.


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