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F1 Drivers Championship odds 2018

Who wins the F1 Drivers Championship 2018?

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Formula One is widely considered to be the most interesting and most entertaining motorsport in the world right now and is acquiring attention by all types of fans, not just those that like to follow the fastest circus in the world. The excitement throughout the season is matched by no sport at the moment and the fact that there is not a single driver dominating the championship certainly adds to that fact.

The 2017 World championship was very interesting and has shown us that there are drivers very much capable of succeeding in the future and possibly overtaking some records from other drivers. After many twists and turns, Lewis Hamilton managed to win his fourth title and has equaled the record by his arch rival at the moment, German driver Sebastian Vettel. Right now, the overall number of championships record by Michael Schumacher (seven) does not look that far, since Hamilton is driving his best at the moment.

2018 season will begin in March and traditionally the first race is the one in Melbourne in Australia. In comparison to the 2017 season, it looks set that Germany’s Grand Prix in Hockenheim and French Grand Prix are set to return to the calendar at the expense of the Malaysian Grand Prix, which will take a break for the first time since 1998.

With Sebastian Vettel now seriously challenging for the title once again after his move to Ferrari some years back, the German could be dubbed as the favorite to win the trophy in 2018. A four-timr World Championship winner had a great 2017 campaign but a bit slower second half of the season cost him the supposed triumph at the end. A big role in the 2018 season could be lined-up for his teammate Kimi Raikkonen, who took fewer points this season and therefore could not pivot Hamilton off the road for the title.

British driver Lewis Hamilton might be on course to become one of the greatest driver of all time and his latest win only certifies to that statement. With brilliant tactics and not a single race where he did not finish it, Hamilton deservedly cruised to yet another victory and secured his title with two races yet to go. A huge factor in his win was also the great performance by his teammate Valtteri Bottas, who will most likely finish third overall. Hamilton is now motivated more than ever and with still being 32 years old, could play a big role in the world of Formula One for several years.

With the two now regularly competing for the title, it is hard to point out anyone that has a chance of infiltrating in that title role. With Hamilton and Vettel as favorites, very few drivers have the chance to obstruct their fight for the championship. Red Bull Racing Team with Daniel Ricciardo and Ma Verstappen could play a big role, but we think that they are a few seasons away to play a serious role in the F1 Championship.