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La Liga 2017-18 odds

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Who wins La Liga 2017-18?

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La Liga will start their 87th season on August 2017. Real Madrid had to wait until the last day to claim the last championship, even if they stayed at the top of the league most of the time. The fierce competition between Real Madrid and Barcelona will be, again, the most important factor. Knowing how this battle will develop through the months is the key to foresee how this season will run.

Under Zidane’s management, Real Madrid found a new identity. They may not have the most beautiful style for playing, but results can’t be ignored and there are reasons for that: this team crushes the opposition by overwhelming them. Cristiano Ronaldo matured into a more box-oriented player, with lethal finishing touches every match. Benzema understands this role and back him up with more movements towards the flanks to assist him. Marcelo, the current best left full-back, and Carabajal aid them in attack every single time. Isco found a new position as a playmaker and adds his quality to the equation. On top of this, Kroos and Modric are what they needed to have a stunning accuracy in the midfield. Casemiro as their partner, fulfill the defensive duties with excellence. Ramos and Varane as center-backs are an established society, and Keylor Navas proved to be worthy when they needed him. One could argue that this teams needs little changes, and any new player should have to prove his worth to get in the line-up.

Barcelona, on the other side, is going through a transition period and had a forgettable season. Reports say that Ernesto Valverde will be the replace for Luis Enrique. He will have a tough challenge ahead, and will need to influx with new vitality a team that later on depended almost exclusively on their explosive trio: Messi, Neymar and Suarez. With some players leaving, it’s hard to predict how things will work out, but one can assume that Barcelona will not suffer that much during the first matches. After all, the quality is there and will never leave. However, in order to try to win the league, they’ll have to be consistent in every match, specially the clásicos against Real Madrid and the encounters with the other top teams. Every points matter in this fight.

Finally, there’s only one other team that could dispute this battle between two giants. Simeone’s Atlético de Madrid is now an established team in the elite of European football. Now that the Argentinean manager confirmed that he will stay for this season, he will need to revamp his team to stay competitive. With Antoine Griezmann likely leaving, finding quickly his replace will be the key. Simeone proved himself to be good at this: when Falcao leaved, Diego Costa appeared, and then Griezmann took the place. He will also need more alternatives in the bench for a larger squad, and some quality transfers to aim for the title. Recent history tells us that this was possible, but in order to achieve that, they literally can’t lose a single match, especially with the astonishing numbers that Real Madrid and Barcelona usually have.