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La Liga odds – Get the Best Odds at La Liga

Who wins La Liga 2020-21?

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La Liga 2020/2021

After the continuation of the exciting 2019/20 season in the Spanish strongest football league it was announced that the new season will start and will be played on special condition because of Covid 19 virus. The competition in the Spanish LaLiga was continued on June 11, and the next season will start on September 12, 2020 and it is expected to end on 23rd May 2021.  It will be 90th season of Spanish LaLiga. Although there was little hope that the fans can be back on the stands from September, Spanish Minister of Health said that it is very unlikely. Spanish Minister of Health Santiago Ilya doubts that the fans will be able to return to the stands at the beginning of next season. La Liga board hoped that fans could return to the stadiums in September, when the new season begins. “To be honest, I don't believe that will happen. Look at the situation we are in. Although we manage to control everything that happens, I doubt that the spectators will be able to go to the stadiums. We have to be careful, gathering so many people is not good” the minister said.

Real Madrid won its 34th LaLiga trophy and will be defending champions next season. They are also main candidates to win the league in the 2020/21 season. Atlético Madrid was far from title race in this season but it is expected that they will be main opponents to Real Madrid for winning the league. Barcelona although is 2nd in this season didn’t impress with the performances or form and they showed too many weaknesses. Most likely is that they will have new manager for the next season and many new players so they can play again as they used to. Of course, Messi is on his level as he scored 21 goals and gave 20 assists in this season but the other players are playing poorly and without passion.

For the first time since 1992/93 season Espanyol dropped out of the elite division. The club from Catalonia was regular member of the best Spanish League and even managed to play in Europa League before few seasons, but this season was really bad for them and in the 2020/21 season they will play in second Spanish division.

So far Cadiz is only new member of LaLiga for the 2020/21 season as they won LaLiga 2 few rounds before it ends. Cadiz football club managed to return to La Liga after 14 years. The club was a permanent member of La Liga from 1985 to 1993, while in the last 27 years it played the only season in the company of the best in 2005/2006.

Real Madrid is the most successful club in the league with 34 trophies, followed by Barcelona with 26, Atlético Madrid 10 etc.

Although we are happy that the football in Spain is back, we hope that the fans will be back on the stands again in next season as they’re big part of the game.