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Football odds

Football fixed odds

Every bettor has once asked himself the mythical question: how are the fixed football odds formatted and constructed? It is a complicated process and we only get the final product, while the employees at the betting network workout the possible schemes and create the final odd for a particular match. The odds can vary from multiple factors and an odd is usually a product of analysis that revolves around participating teams. Insight on teams, injuries, tactics and the motivation are considered to be the key factors for that process.

Understanding how do betting odds work is very important for every bettor. You can easily be surprised that online bookmakers usually don’t give right odds, because there are no winnings for them in that case. Online betting services work like any other company, that is seeking to achieve success.

There is no such things like fixed football odds, as depending on the game and the possible investments in a particular result, the bookmakers always push the odds in the lower direction. In the world of football, there are only three possibly ways of an match outcome, meaning that you have 33% chances of winning. However, most people disregard the draw out of the equation. Why? Because most of us has a team to support and sympathize. The bookies are counting on that and often place a draw as one of the least likely options to happen, despite it being pretty realistic in common sense.

To increase the possibility of winning money, it is crucial for the bookies to lower the odds to the acceptable level for them. Most of the bettors are automatic and place money on a favorite. So it is crucial to improve the odds for the least likely option, just so you can cover the losses in the last case. Fixed football odds become very variable and complicated for a common bettor.

To be 100% sure in the true value of your bet, try do to some calculation on your own and ignore the odds being placed to you. In the wake of the internet, it easier than ever to gain information on all the teams and their players and their problems/advantages. Betting odds are usually just a big push towards a direction someone else has decided for you, just because you are not aware how does betting work. Fixed football odds don’t really discover anything new for you, that is just a result of someone else’s calculation and prediction.

League table and motivation is usually the best way to correctly predict the outcome of a game. If a team has secured a title, it is very unlikely they will attack with all their power, especially if they are facing a team that has something to lose. Surprises come more often that you think, but the bookies are disregarding that fact just so you can slide into the abyss of failure. Underdogs’ odds is usually overhyped, which gives you an advantage, if you make your own research prior to that.

Fixed football odds can only be that odd you have researched yourself. Bookmakers are just corporations, while your own calculation is something you can control and be more sure at.

We compare the odds at




Belgian Pro League

Czech Republic

Gambrinus liga


Superligaen, 1st Division


Premier League, Premier League Relegation, Premier League Top Goalscorer.

Championship Winner, Championship Promotion

League I Winner, League I Promotion

League II Winner, League II Promotion

National League, FA Cup




Ligue I




Premier Division and First Division.


Serie A Winner, Serie A Top Goalscorer, Serie B

Northern Ireland

NIFL Premiership


Eliteserien og First Division




Primeira Liga


Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two


La Liga Winner, La Liga Relegation, La Liga Top Goalscorer


Allsvenskan Winner, Allsvenskan Top goalscorer, Superettan, Swedish Cup


Süper Lig