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Superleague Greece Odds

Superleague Greece

Who wins Superleague Greece 2017/2018?

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Greek Super League 2017-2018 preview

If we are looking for one of the most interesting and most turbulent football championships in Europe, we would have to pick the Greek Super League.

Political problems, hooliganism, corruption and a little bit of sport is something that makes this competition extremely exciting.

We are not saying that the Super League does not have enough quality, but the opposite. Although, some factors which are outside of sports are affecting the overall situation in many ways.

The last season started with a massive protest from most of the clubs who were demanding that the referee organization stops helping Olympiakos. At one point, we the opening of the season was questionable, because the clubs were considering a strike.

Also, throughout the competition we so many fines, which eventually decided the final standings. But, let us focus on the upcoming year.

Like in the previous 20 seasons, Olympiakos is the first favorite for the title. Since 1997 they are dominating in the Greek football with 18 titles. Only on two occasions, Panathinaikos managed to snap that domination. Olympiakos is very well organized, they have the stability in financial terms, as they appear in Champions League consistently. Without a doubt, they have the best team, and all factors regarding outside the field are in their favor.

It seems their trend of winning titles is going to continue in this season.

Regarding any possible challengers, it appears that other teams are much closer when looking the quality than during some years before. We mainly refer to PAOK and AEK who in the end secured the Champions League qualifications. Also, the Panathinaikos, mentioned above, will present a potential threat for their city arrivals.

PAOK has an excellent team, and it is a pity that the former coach Vladimir Ivic, decided to quit after he was attacked during the game with Panathinaikos. The talented Serbian coach managed to put all the pieces together and create a worthy opponent for the red and white champions from Athens.

AEK also has several good individuals, but we think that they are behind PAOK when looking overall quality and that the Champions League spot was just a lucky turn of events because other two opponents had problems with deducting points, because of incidents made by the fans.

As always Panathinaikos will present a potential surprise from the shadows, and there is a question how far could they have gone during the previous season if there weren't for such nasty things around the stadium.

In general, these four teams will decide about the trophies in Greece. Olympiacos is the number one contender, PAOK the second, Panathinaikos third and AEK fourth. The spots for European competitions are reserved for them.

The more exciting battle is going to be for the place that leads to the Champions League qualifications. At the beginning of the last playoffs, AEK barely managed to reach the 4th place, and they were far behind PAOK and Panathinaikos. In the end, the situation developed in their favor and they finished second. This is why this competition is so exciting.

Still, there is enough time for some changes to be made in rosters, but we do not believe that they would create significant impacts on the picture of the Greek Super League.