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WRC 2019 Odds

Who wins the WRC 2019?

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2019 World Rally Championship

Sports lover’s excitement meets no bounds when the Federation Internationale (FIA) announced the 14th round of 2019’s World Rally Championship. We have covered the interesting details about this championship in this article. So are you also excited about this? Well, we are too. Let’s get started with the details now.

WRC 2019 will be contested in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and in Australia. WRC 2019 will be the forty-seventh season of the highest class of International rallying. Crews and Teams will compete with each other in the World Rally Championships for manufacturers, drivers, and co-drivers. Crews and Teams are free to compete in cars abiding the rules and regulations of World Rally Car and Group. However, only those manufacturers competing with World Rally Cars homologated under regulations who were introduced in 2017 would be eligible to score any points in the Manufacturer’s Championship. World Rally Championship-2 category will support the series at every round and the Junior World Rally Championship will also support it at selected events. However, the World Rally Championship-3 was discontinued. Despite the World Rally Championship-3’s cessation, Group R2 and R3 cars and Two-wheel drive cars will be eligible to enter in the rallies.

Julien Ingrassia and Sebastien Ogier won the sixth titles at 2018 Rally Australia and now they will be the defending drivers’ and co-drivers’ champions. Whereas the manufacturers’ champions are Toyota Gazoo Racing WRT. Corsica has now taken the place in WRC Promoter’s draft calendar since Japan has lost the slot. But a new round will be featured by WRC 2019 next season with holding events in Chile in May fortnight after Argentina’s round. The Championship season will kick off in January in Monte Carlo. It will conclude in Australia after 11 months. Oliver Ciesla who is the Promoter of WRC 2019 has confirmed that the series would spread outside Europe further in future.

Routes and Sporting Regulations

Let’s talk about the route now. The route of Rally Italia Sardegna and Tour de Corse proved to be not so popular among teams because of the low spectators’ attendance at the event and the logistical difficulties of traveling that the champions have to face in covering the distance from Corsica and Sardinia. With the promoter of the sports, the organizers of Rally Japan reached for an agreement to host a rally in 2019 by proposing event while moving from Sapporo on the Hokkaido to Toyota City’s Island in Honshu. However, the plan to return to Japan was changed when the sports’ promoter was being pressured to retain the Tour de Corse route.

You will be surprised to know that the route of Rallye Monte Carlo is decided to be shortened by 71.93 km (44.7 mi) as compared to the 2018 route. The route was changed because of the rules that were changed for WRC 2019. These rules were introduced specially for the WRC 2019, which limited the maximum distance of a route from 500 km (310.7 mi) to 350 km (217.5 mi). The plan of the new route is announced by the organizers of Tour de Corse with more than three-quarters of the 2019 route which is being revised from the 2018 rally.

Drivers will be given the permission of choosing a permanent number. It will be similar to the numbering systems that were used in MotoGP and Formula 1. Before WRC 2019, the numbering system was based on the previous year’s championship standings. So the champion of reigning world will still compete with the number 1. Test days will also be reduced from 55 and now per year, teams will get permission for 42 days to test.


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