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WRC odds – Get the Best Odds at World Rally Championship

Who wins the World Rally Championship 2021?

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Who wins the World Rally Championship 2021?

The 2021 World Rally Championship is going to be one of the most anticipating tournaments in the world of auto-racing.

Bringing in the 49th season of this tournament, teams and crews are all fired up to turn on the heavy engines and test it to the limits. Just having the rugged rough cars is not enough to compete in the tournament, instead the vehicles used for the tournament needs to comply with World Rally Car regulations.

A total of 12 rallies are going to compete in this tournament and this time, a new location is being added in the course.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the first half of 2021 season is going to be focused on European events – while the opening round of the season is Monte Carlo.

1.       Title Fight Again

Tanak couldn’t have had a worst start to defending his title. After the crash out in Monte Carlo, it is obvious and needed that he rises up again to show a stronger side in Sweden.

The opportunity of having an optimal road positioning and his successful runs in Sweden in the past year – it is needless to say that the turning point of this tournament for him is in Sweden rally. It is a perfect chance for him to show what a true champion is made of.

He is the kind of driver, you bet your money on.

2.       Midfield Problems for Neuville

Even though Neuville has had a great run in Monte Carlo, he could have a hard time coping up – as he faces a tough time in Sweden.

Making the same mistake as Sebastien Ogier, starting on the road isn’t the ideal way to kick-off the rally. The way it seems, this rally is going to be an extremely hard weekend for him with damaged limitations and midfield point haul.

3.       More Rounds for Breen

Now, that the surprising news about Sebastien Loeb has come true, Craig Breen is all set to drive the third car at Rally Sweden.

The nine-time champion has been dropped, while on the other hand it is a golden opportunity for Craig Breen to prove his skill. Dani Sordo is not likely to compete in other events either.

With Craig Breen’s impressive performance in the two outings, it is now obvious that he is the first-choice for the bosses of Hyundai. This heavily implies that he is in the mood to gear up in a showdown.

4.       New Potential – Esapekka Lappi

M-sport may had a rough start at Monte Carlo but, Esapekka Lappi has shown huge potential over the course with is recovery.

He finished second last year in Sweden, so he should enjoy a good rally in Sweden while Suninen has also proved to be an asset – owing to his twelve months performance.

It will be yet another opportunity for Gus Greensmith to gain more experience in a WRC car as he missed on great chances in Monte, on Friday and Sunday.

All in all, it’s hard to say which way this tournament will go with all of the team having their eyes on the prize. But, one thing is for sure – that it is going to be an event of a lifetime!