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BGT odds – Get the Best Odds at Britain's Got Talent

Who will win Britain's Got Talent 2022?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Maxwell Thorpe3.003.00
Tom Ball5.505.50
Born To Perform6.006.00
The Freaks11.0011.00
Front Line Singers13.0013.00
Immi Davis13.0013.00
Loren Allred17.0017.00
The Handersons17.0017.00
Axel Blake21.0021.00
Eva Abley21.0021.00
Jamie Leahey21.0021.00
Keiichi Iwasaki21.0021.00
Suzi Wild21.0021.00
Voices Of Armed Forces Children Choir21.0021.00
5 Star Boys26.0026.00
Ben Nickless26.0026.00
Mel Day26.0026.00
The Phantom26.0026.00
Welsh Of The West End26.0026.00
Amber And Nymeria34.0034.00
Andrew Basso34.0034.00
Dante Marvin34.0034.00
Honey Scott34.0034.00
Jessica Brodin34.0034.00
Linda John-Pierre34.0034.00
London Community Gospel Choir51.0051.00
Nick Edwards51.0051.00
Scooter Boys51.0051.00
The Witch51.0051.00
Brit Kidz67.0067.00
Imd Legion67.0067.00
Jd Anderson67.0067.00
Mary P67.0067.00
Matricks Illusion67.0067.00
Pocket Rockets67.0067.00
Aneeshwar Kunchala101.00101.00
Brian And Krysstal101.00101.00
Joy Weir101.00101.00
Les Sancho101.00101.00
Manchester Communication Primary Academy101.00101.00
Oswaldo Colina101.00101.00
Ranger Chris Roberts101.00101.00
Rockstar Weekend101.00101.00
Ryland Petty101.00101.00
Skylar Blu101.00101.00
Temple London101.00101.00
The Dots101.00101.00
Titan The Robot101.00101.00
Tommy J101.00101.00
Trio Vertex101.00101.00

Britain`s Got Talent 2022

The fact of the matter is that Britain`s Got Talent (commonly pronounce BGT) is a British Talent show competition created by Simmon Cowell. Many type of people perform in it. Either they are singers, dancers, magicians, impressionists and performing dogs. At first, there was a plan to launch it in 2005, but unfortunately due to some issues it was launched in 2007 (following the success of America`s Got Talent). They follow same way each year. Audition rounds, golden buzzers and live finals. Apart from the pandemic, when the whole nation is observing lockdown, still we will find something very entertaining on our screens.