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BGT odds – Get the Best Odds at Britain's Got Talent

Who will win Britain's Got Talent 2022?

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Britain`s Got Talent 2020

The fact of the matter is that Britain`s Got Talent (commonly pronounce BGT) is a British Talent show competition created by Simmon Cowell. Many type of people perform in it. Either they are singers, dancers, magicians, impressionists and performing dogs. At first, there was a plan to launch it in 2005, but unfortunately due to some issues it was launched in 2007 (following the success of America`s Got Talent). They follow same way each year. Audition rounds, golden buzzers and live finals. Apart from the pandemic, when the whole nation is observing lockdown, still we will find something very entertaining on our screens.

BGT 2020, was aired on TV on Saturday, 11th of April 2020. As to talk about the first episode, it was an emotional affair and I don`t think there was a single dry eye in the house. The judges for the whole event are Simmon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden.

The first event which I really liked was a card trick by a man named James Piper. This event made everyone shocked but made them emotional too. It showed the love of father to his son. This was made specially for Simmon Cowell. Not only he but all other judges also loved that. There was card chosen by Cowell and Piper asked him to write something he likes on it and select a number from his phone. He wrote Eric (The name of his child) and chose number 25 which was denoted to ski (everything was hidden from Piper). Then he asked Cowell to cover his card by his other hand. Then Piper`s son just came in. He had the card (the same card with “Eric” written on it). Audience were shocked. But then at the same time he asked what was written after number 25? He told that this was ski. He pulled out the picture of Simmon Cowell with his son during ski. Not only audience, but I was also shocked.

Other performance I liked was from Steve Royle. He was a live hearted man of age 51. His performance was some acrobatic stuff (playing with three bottles with two in hands and one in air). After that there was performance by X1X group from Mumbai, India. This was a group (or they called it as their family) of 22 youngsters from which youngest one was of fourteen. They performed a dance which was called “Jhama” in their local language. According to them, they practiced for about 10-12 hours a day for this. They didn’t have proper place for practice. They did this on roads, streets or parking etc. The dance was full of acrobatic stuff and also was frightening indeed. No one expected this much great performance by those kids. Everyone was shocked that how these kids are keeping their balance and showing these somersaults. Everyone gave them the respect which those guys deserved.

This was just a brief of what happened or going to happen in this BGT 2020. I will really endorse everyone to watch this. I assure you that you all are going to love it.