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League of Ireland Premier Division 2019 Odds

League of Ireland Premier Division

Who wins the League of Ireland Premier Division 2019?

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Cork City Foras Co-Op13.0013.00

The league of Ireland Premier Division is a highly recognized level division in the Ireland football league system and Ireland league. This premier division was formed because of the reorganization of Ireland league in 1985. The league has operated as a summer league in 2003.

The league operates relegation and promotion system since 1985 and a promotion/ relegation playoff was also introduced in 1992-1993. In 2017, to increase the number of teams available in the premier division and first team division, the teams that make up the bottom three in the premier league will be relegated and only the champions in the first division will be promoted. There will be only 10 teams in each division as compared to the former 12 teams in the premier division and 8 teams in the first division.

The league of Ireland Premier Division has recently reduced to 10 teams at the commencement of 2018 season. This will aid bigger clubs with enhanced gate receipts among the aims. The last attempt to reduce the team numbers from 12 to 10 was practically abandoned but it will be reconsidered in 2018. There will be no playoffs in 2018 and three teams are expected to be relegated with one team stepping up from first division.

This news will serve as a relief and victory for bigger clubs in the team that feels they are been held back by weaker outfits and this will also help boost gate receipts. Although, they didn’t face much competition from first team outfits that have been formally informed about the changes and didn’t pose any form of reaction to the suggestion. Their voice was not heard as votes from Premier Clubs Alliance (PCA) prompted the association to implement this significant change.

Even though the process was far from being ideal, the gulf between some of the clubs regarding on how to process simply implies that a consensus can never be reached. The First Division clubs also believes that there is an advantage in this reorganization that will benefit them. The return of a 10-team first division will simply make the league of Ireland premier division to be more competitive.

The mechanism of the new 10 team is still a work in progress with major discussions still in progress. The football association of Ireland has announced the reduction of the Premier Division for 12 to 10 teams for 2018 season. This will make the bottom three teams to be relegated to the First Division and the First Division champions promoted. This decision was facilitated by the Premier Division clubs representative.

A number of recommendations are also being implemented especially the development that includes assisting clubs with business plans, marketing executive recruitment, league format restructuring and facility development. Another development that will be included in 2018 is the development of the new league website. The announcement of the league’s restructuring have been announced since 22 December 2016 by the FAI following a recommendation made in 2015 which includes the cancellation of the promotion/cancellation playoff.