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Idol Odds – Get the Best Odds at Idol 2020 Sweden

Who wins Idol in Sweden 2020?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Nadja Holm1.161.16
Paulina Pancenkov4.504.50

Swedish Idol

Since its inception in August 2004, Idol has become one of the most famous shows on Swedish Television. It is a Swedish reality competition that is part of the Idol Franchise initially created by British entertainment entrepreneur Simon Fuller. TV4 – which is the primary TV station in Sweden - broadcasts Idol every year.

Every season, there are new participants from all over Sweden looking for their time in the spotlight. These contestants first have to impress the judges in the preliminary stages, to qualify for the stages where the phone voting system would determine their fates. Like the contestants, Idol has seen a total of 5 different lineups of judges since its first season in 2004. 

Quick Facts: In 2011, the producers wanted to pause Idol to create the X-factor and the Voice of Sweden. But they had very low viewership and ratings, so they opted to pause the latter and go with Idol.

Idol 2020

Idol 2020 is the 16th season of the show and is set to begin in autumn. There are some interesting facts about this year’s Idol, and here they are 

  • The judges will be unchanged from last year: the judges – Anders Bagge, Nikki Amini, Alexander Kronlund, and Kishti Tomita as well as the host Pär Lernström, from Idol 2019, will be retained for the 2020 season. Part of the reason for this is their popularity with the fans, which saw them receive high ratings.
  • An unprecedented promotion: last year, for the first time, a contestant qualified directly for the finals. The contestant – Rebecka Assio, from falköping, is the first person in Idol’s history to go from first audition straight to the finals. This was as a result of her incredible performance. It has not been clarified whether this will happen again this year.

How the Idol works 

The Swedish Idol is divided into 5 parts 

  • Audition tour
  • Endingaudition
  • Qualifying week
  • Weekly finals
  • Finals