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Superettan odds – Get the Best Odds at Superettan


Who wins Superettan 2024?

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Superettan: the Swedish Super One League and Betting Tips

In the unique structure of the Swedish Men’s Professional Football, the Superettan is the second highest in the league system. This is even though Superettan means “The Super One” in Swedish. It operates at a level that is intermediate between the Allsvenskan and the Division 1 and is annually contested by 16 clubs. Similar to Allsvenskan, the Superettan season runs from April to October, yearly.

The Superettan is a relatively new league structure that was created in the year 2000. Every year, it features a total of 240 matches between its 16 teams, each having to play 30 matches.

How the Superettan Operates

The Superettan operates in a system that is similar to that of the other second-tier leagues across Europe – the system of relegation and promotion. What this means is that the winner of the Superettan season and the runner up, are promoted to the Allsvenskan for the following season. While the bottom two clubs in the Allsvenskan, are relegated to the Superettan for the next season.

The third-placed team in the Superettan plays a two-legged tie with the team that finishes third from bottom in the Allsvenskan. The winner of that tie features in the Allsvenskan, while the loser will have to feature in the Superettan.

Another unique aspect of the Swedish professional football league is that they have two third-tier leagues – two Division 1s. What this means is that the winners of each of the Division 1s get promoted to the Superettan in place of the relegated teams from the Super One league. Therefore, the third and fourth lowest teams in the Superettan, have to face the two second-placed teams in the two Division 1s, to determine who gets promoted or relegated.

Betting tips for Superettan

We know betting can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know how to go about it. So here are the few ways to bet successfully on the Superettan

Get the inside gist

There’s always news flying around behind the scenes. If you can get your hands on any valuable information – without breaking any laws – then you already have a competitive advantage. Information to look out for are things like internal team disputes, the main reasons behind transfers, injuries, etc. These kinds of information can help you predict a team’s performance on the pitch.

Which team is at home?

Teams playing at home in front of their fans usually hold a significant advantage over their opponents. This is because loud and boisterous fans often act as the 12th player on the pitch. Don’t just bet randomly, attempt to know the game.

Look for the patterns

There could be some teams that rarely perform well against some others. Know these teams and know what influences their poor performances. It could also be helpful to know the sort of pitch that would be used for the match. Is the pitch synthetic, hybrid, or just grass? By studying the patterns and recent history of the teams, you could identify that certain clubs perform better on a particular pitch surface.