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Who wins Swedish Hockey League 2018/2019?

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Swedish Hockey League 2018/2019 – Everything That You Need To Know

Swedish Hockey League 2018/2019 is just around the corner and the excitement for the tournament is building up very quickly. The 2017-2018 seasons was all about the brilliant games and exceptional performance by the Elias Pettersson. The next year of the league is going to be bigger and better. There will be more competitive games as more and more talented players are coming in.

What To Expect From The Swedish Hockey League 2018/2019?

So, the Swedish Hockey League 2018/2019 is definitely going to be bigger and better as the 2017-2018 season was a tremendous hit. Players like Elias Petterson and Jonathon Dahlen made their presence felt on several occasions.

All Eyes On Elias Pettersson

No doubt, next season all eyes will be on Elias Pettersson as he was one of the best players around in the 2017-18 season. He was the reason Canucks went on to win the championship and he will be the key for them in the next season as well.

He led SHL in regular season scoring 56 goals, set a record for scoring by U20 player in single season, led SHL playoffs in scoring 19 goals, set record for scoring U20 player in single playoffs and above all he was named SHL playoff MVP as well. So, he is the player to watch out for the in Swedish Hockey League 2018/19 season.

How The Matches Will Take Place?

Well, there will be 14 teams in the tournament and 52 matches will be played among them. Everyone will meet four times which includes two times at home and two times away. As far as the schedule of the upcoming season is concerned, it is expected to start in mid September and the last round will be played in March of 2019.

The confirmed news will come in the May; the games schedule will be presented for the coming season. So, the Swedish Hockey League 2018/19 season is going to be a hit and it will grab a lot of eyeballs following that the 2017/18 season made a huge difference and was a huge success. So, now people are eagerly waiting for the next season to start. We will update you with every possible news and if you have any question regarding the SHL then tell us in the comment section now.