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Time Person of the Year 2019

Who will be Time Person of the Year 2019?

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Time Person of the year 2019

Person of the year is an annual issue of the United States news magazine Time that features profiles of a person, a group, or an idea that for better or for worse has influenced the events of the year. This tradition begins in 1927 when time magazine editors were contemplating the newsmakers of the years.

The designation is often regarded as an honor and spoken of more as a prize simply because the previous selections were all admirable people. However, there were instances where Times magazine points to controversial figures such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and ayatollah Khomeini for their impact.

The Time magazine holds an online poll for the readers who would like to vote for who they believe would be the person of the year. However, in the end, the editors still have control over who wins.

There are a couple of people that are possibly selected by the Time magazine as the candidates for 2019. Here is the list:

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has been listed due to his contribution in helping bring about the Brexit. As head of the UK Independence Party, Farage was faced with a successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, positioning the referendum as the start of a global populist wave against the political establishment.

Greta Thunberg

It started with a defiant act of a Swedish teenager that has snowballed into an international movement. Over the last eleven-month, students were inspired by Greta Thunberg who united the world by a common hashtag, #Fridayforfuture. They have used social media and strike as a form of protest on adult inertia on tackling climate change, and lowering carbon emissions. Now Greta is actively participating in united nations climate talks in order to focus on raising awareness and changing current policies.

Donald Trump

The United States president, Donald Trump is one of the highest candidates to receive the time of the year. He has ramped up his digital presence over last year. He is known for his controversial stance in immigrant policies, as well as trade policies with China. He has initiated a feedback loop of the cable news segment, google search results, and online news stories. This year, he has turned his criticism on to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation for his campaign controversy to Russia and increased his attacks on social media’s companies.

Nicolas Maduro

He is the Venezuelan politic serving as the president of Venezuela since 2013. The controversy behind his power is indisputable. With Venezuelan hitting crisis, there is a lot of lash backs from the people saying that he was the cause of the economic crisis that is hitting Venezuela, one of the top oil producer. He is shaping the year 2019 by his political standoff with his opposition, Juan Guaido over the president title.

Xi Jin Ping

President Xi Jin Ping has assumed office as the president of people’s republic of china since 15 November 2012. He is another controversial figure that balances President Donald Trump’s influence in the east. He is very known for his economic strategies in expanding china’s economy. He has come up with a lot of ideas which would boost china’s economy, such as one road one belt initiative that would unify the economy of china to some of Asia's countries. He has become a controversial figure after his meeting with president trump and his economic policies which resulted in a trade war against the united states. Not to mention that hong kong’s stability is getting threatened by an endless demonstrator protesting against the unification of hong kong to china.

Trevor Noah

He is the author of his brilliant memoir, Born on crime that depicts the story of his own mother throwing him out of a moving vehicle while he’s asleep in order to save his life. He is known to be the host at the Daily show, which he has helped globalized. He has made news telling exciting, by telling his jokes in amongst the news readings.

He grew up biracial in apartheid South Africa, has a big figure in reaching to the audience across culture, continents, and boundaries.

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is another figure that filled in 2019. After she married prince harry and brought her own style of culture and differences to the wedding, Meghan Markle is once more ready to change the world. Meghan Markle has been thought as an antagonistic figure by the England media and reporters, for the fact that she was thought to unable to integrate herself into the royal family.

Kim Jong Un

Another leader of the east who has tangled with the president of the united states, Donald Trump. He did reach out to the south Koreans in the winter Olympics in Seoul, offered to meet President Donald Trump meanwhile suspending missile and nuclear test. However, He is not known for his good track record. It is reported that he is even worse than his father. More than 100,000 people in North Korea currently are faced with torture and death in forced labor camps. There are witnesses of the evil regime that he leads. The regime has reportedly drowned their own people, gunned down people who try to flee the country because of its atrocious condition.

Chloe Kim

The is the youngest snowboarder recorded. Only 13, and being a Korean American, she was unable to follow the 2014 Olympics in Sochi because she was too young. In Pyeongchang Olympics however, she succeeded in winning the gold in halfpipe competition. With everyone scrutinizing her and hoping for her win, it is unbearable to imagine the weights on her shoulder. Not to mention, that she was competing in her parents’ birth country – one that is judgmental about diaspora. One of the reasons that she made into the list that she survived all of it and able to exceed everyone’s expectation.


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