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Time Person of the Year 2018

Each year, TIME Magazine publishes a special issue which features the person, object, idea or group that it considers to be the most influential of the year.

History of TIME Person of the Year

The Person of the Year has a long history. The first ideas for a special issue formed in 1927 when editors were suffering through a slow week for news. As well, at this time they were also trying to rectify an embarrassing situation that had occurred earlier in the year: Charles Lindbergh was missing from the cover, even though he had completed his then-historic flight across the Atlantic. Interestingly, Lindbergh who was the first TIME Person of the Year recipient.

Following Lindbergh, many influential individuals have appeared in the issue, including Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi. The magazine maintains that the one chosen as most influential involves a “for better or for worse” process. And so even individuals like Adolf Hitler can, and have, made the issue.

One interesting fact is that every serving President of the United States has made TIME's Person of the Year at least one time. The only exceptions to this were Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover and Gerald Ford. In 1999, the magazine named Albert Einstein as Person of the Century.

Since 1979, when the public adamantly protested TIME's naming of the Ayatollah Khomeini Man of the Year, the magazine has pretty well ceased to name any figures known to be controversial to the United States with the designation.

There have also been times where these controversial figures may have been very influential, but were too controversial to feature in the special edition of the magazine. One of these figures was Osama bin Laden, the individual behind the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York's World Trade Centers. Although the selection rules state that the person or group of people who have had the most impact on the year's news be chosen as the winner of TIME's Person of the Year, and that person was Osama bin Laden, it was New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani who was chosen for the feature that year.

President Obama was another individual who could have been considered controversial, as even today opinions about his influence remain staunchly divided. Despite this, the President was selected two years in a row to be featured in the magazine.

Betting On TIME Person of the Year 2018

Believe it or not, you can already place your bets on who you think will win the distinction of TIME Person of the Year 2018. And no matter who you think it will be, there's a very easy way to place your wager.

Who will be Time Person of the Year 2018?

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