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How Online Poker Differs from Traditional Poker and the Top Strategies to Win at It

Photo byDylan Clifton onUnsplash

The world of online gambling has gone from strength to strength in recent years thanks to the development of mobile technology. The convenience of being able to place a bet on any market whenever you want and wherever you are has been revolutionary.

Despite online gambling facilities providing users with a convenient way to place bets and play casino games, there are some differences in the experience, and this can be a good thing.

One game that has been well-received is online poker. It’s popular due to its conveniences, allowing you to gamble anywhere and at any time, as well as offering bigger bonuses than many traditional casino houses. What's more, compared to traditional casinos, online poker rooms are a much better way to hone your craft, whether new to the game or a more advanced player.

You can find out more about the differences between playing online and traditional games, as well as learn some top strategical tips by reading on.

The Difference Between Online and Traditional Poker

While the bets might be the same, there are some significant differences in betting online in comparison with traditional live poker games. Knowing these differences before you begin can help you prepare and minimise the risk of being surprised or confused.


Online poker is much faster than live poker and you also have the option of playing multiple tables at the same time. This can be a great way to build your experiences as you are starting out.

The reason for this is live games are reactive to the players, while many online games are automated and continue at a steady pace.

This means that players will need to make quick decisions and adapt their style depending on opponents. The mind games so often associated with poker are not as important in online poker, and not being able to see or communicate with your opponents makes it a very different game.


Live poker typically attracts more experienced players and this can result in higher stakes being wagered. Online poker is an excellent place for new players looking to try the game out, but the stakes will typically be lower.


Because online poker attracts more recreational players, games might not be as competitive as live games and competitions. Quick, low-staked online poker games are a great way for novice competitors to gain valuable experience, but they can also be an excellent way for more experienced players to earn money.

Online Poker Strategies and Tips

The convenience of playing online poker is something that appeals to a far greater audience than live poker. Low-cost buy-ins also make it appealing to newer players, but that doesn't mean you won't have enjoyable and competitive games online.

The fast pace of online poker makes it a more exciting prospect, and those who want to succeed should learn a few tips and strategies to help them on their way.

Wait For a Good Hand

It is easy to get caught up in fast-paced games, and wanting to be part of the action is a mistake many rookies make. Assessing your starting hand carefully and folding on mediocre hands might not seem like an enjoyable way to spend your time, but it will mitigate your losses.

Waiting for a good hand before going in will improve your confidence as you play, and yield far greater results.

Weigh Up Your Chances By Doing the Maths

While there is always an element of chance in any card game, probability is based on the mathematics and likelihood of your opposition's hand.

You might not be able to work out your opponent's hand, but you will have a better idea of your own hand's odds, making it easier to make decisions.

Analysing Your Opponents

Folding on poor hands and waiting while others play out the game might not seem like a worthwhile endeavour, but you will have the opportunity to see your opponent's strategies and style of play.

Recognising your opponent's betting patterns can help you figure out the type of hand they may have, and this will benefit you in the long run. This technique will take time to master, but the more experience you get, the more obvious playing strategies become.

Be Flexible

Adapting your game will allow a player to compete with different hands and become less predictable to your opponents.

Tight players will take fewer risks by playing fewer hands compared with loose players who are happy to gamble on any hand they are dealt.

Aggressive players will take charge in a game and raise the stakes to put their opponents under pressure. Slow playing is when players back weak hands in a game of deception.

Predictable players will eventually lose more than they win as other players start to work out their playing style. A flexible style that can adapt to different hands can keep people guessing, forcing them into mistakes.

Use Your Position

Your table position will dictate whether you are acting first on your hand or reacting to other players' decisions. Your position determines when you will raise or call, and should affect your playing style.

Bluff Like Your Life Depends on It

Online poker differs from live poker as you are not sitting next to your opponents, so bluffing should be easier. You won't give away your hand with nervous twitches, by showing emotions, or other tells you may have. This will make it difficult to identify when an opponent is bluffing but can help you.

Bluffing is still a massive part of poker and being able to win a game with a poor hand will set you up for even bigger victories when hands go your way.

Choose the Best Online Poker Site

Playing poker on a site you understand and like will help you feel more comfortable. There are many online poker sites to choose from and players can choose ones with great sign-up bonuses to enjoy some extra perks.

Regulated non-GamStop casinos can provide players with greater freedoms, and taking the time to check review sites will also help you to find the best operators that focus on security, customer service, and player experience.