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Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2019 Odds

Which song wins Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) 2019?

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In all countries of the world, it is likely that there is some kind of competition where talents of its people can be exposed to their closer borders, taking into account of course the impact that this contest has. This is the case of the Finnish New Music Competition.

The New Music Competition of Finland, is as its name indicates is a production of musical type developed in this beautiful and amazing country, in order to have such an exceptional representative musician who can compete in the renowned Festival of the Eurovision song.

The Eurovision Song Contest is the very most prestigious music program in all Europe and is known for being one of the most important programs in the whole world of music and song, that is why over the past of the years, a large part of the many countries of the huge European continent have been concerned and very carefully in selecting the best representative among all his talents in order to get the best possible participation.

Knowing this, the Finnish New Music Competition is, so to speak, a kind of national team among all his new and very fresh talent to choose the best representative musician of that country for Europe in the Festival previously named.

The New Music Competition of Finland is organized by a recognized national radio called YLE, the abbreviation by which the contest was announced is UMK and it is born in the year of 2012 as a replacement to the previous contest in that country that was used to select the best new singer to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest.

This huge shows last year recorded a rise in television broadcasting due to its unparalleled live broadcast quality that all the fans could enjoy through the TV almost with real accuracy what was happening live and direct on the own presentation stage.

That is why for this year YLE radio announce that a part of the Budget of the show will be intedted to maintain and improve the quality of the transmission of the show even more than the past year, it is for this reason that by March 2, of 2019, we can expect one of the best transmission not seen before in Europe of a live music show.

The incredible contest will be held as mentioned on March 2, of 2019 in the area of metro arena or hartwall arena in Finland with the same name that started in the year 2012 and also under their same selection mechanisms, amazing right?  

The chain already announced that the event will be handed over on January 29, adding that, in addition, important details will be revealed that same day! it is not great? Oh yes it is, because so many people already can calm all the anxieties with the announcements and they can quietly to know where this great and so amazing and quality event will take place on this very same year.