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odds Scottish League One

odds Scottish League One

Who wins Scottish League One 2018/2019?

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Scottish League One

Scottish League One, recognized for particular sponsorship purposes as Ladbrokes League One, pertains to the third-tier of Scottish Professional Football League; a league competition in Scotland exclusively for men’s professional football clubs. Scottish League One was originally established in 2013 particularly it the month of July right after Scottish Football League was actually formed by merger of Scottish Football League and Scottish Premier League.


The team usually receives 3 points for the win and 1 for the draw. There are no points given or awarded for any loss. The teams are being ranked depending on the total points and the goal difference and the goal scored. At the end of every season, it’s the club with the highest points will be declared the league champion. If the points ended up equal, it is the goal difference that will determine the winner. But if this does not result to a winner still, tied teams should take part in the playoff game at the neutral venue in order to determine final placing.

Relegation and Promotion

The champions are specifically promoted to Scottish Championship, swapping spots with the bottom club of Championship. The clubs completing second, third, fourth, and ninth on the said Championship then proceed to two-legged Championship playoff. The second League One club usually plays the 3rd set League One club, while the group who completed fourth will play ninth side Championship side.  These ties’ winner will then play each other. On the off chance that play-off winner of League One prevails, the club will be promoted, with Championship club to be relegated. In the event that Championship side is successful, they keep their place in the Championship.

The play-off system  of League One is said to be consistent  when it comes to its exclusive championship partner wherein bottom club of the League One is relegated automatically and ninth placed club are said to undergo play off with second, third and fourth clubs coming from League 2.