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Celebrity Big Brother 21 odds

Who wins Celebrity Big Brother 21?

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Celebrity Big Brother 21

Celebrity Big Brother 21 is the fast approaching 21st series of the UK reality series Celebrity Big Brother. The series will launch on the 2nd of January 2018 on Channel 5. It is the 14th celebrity series and 20th series of Big Brother, in general, to show on Channel 5. The last phase of CBB 2017 series ended in the summer, and now followers can look onward to the new season starting in a couple of days. A large number of fans are keenly anticipating the upcoming reality series - and surely do not have to wait long!

So, what has changed about this reality series and who will be in Celebrity Big Brother 21? CBB is starting in January 2018 with an innovative process to celebrate hundred years of women being allowed to vote. This is also the first time in Celebrity Big Brother history the reality series will be involving only female participants, signify hundred years of women's ability to vote. Although, it was later established that male participants would gradually be introduced into the house. Celebrity Big Brother 21 commences in just a few weeks, and already sufficient rumors are going around about the alleged line-up. As usual, Channel 5 is staying silent about the celebrities it has for the show, but gossip is rising over one or two big names. For now, the only thing that is confirmed is the 1st batch of participants will be females as Celebrity Big Brother 21 marks the centennial of the female vote. But there is still room for a few more surprises as the reality show advances, with male participants being added to the house to kindle the contest.

Celebrity Big Brother is going to be on twice yearly, and it has also been established that it is coming back to our screens as early as the 2nd of January in 2018. Also returning to the reality series is Spin-off Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side. It comes after some reports suggested the reality series might be axed, but admirers will be pleased to hear there is no need to fear just yet. Celebrity Big Brother 21 will be shown on Channel 5 after both parties agreed on a 3-year deal with program makers Endemol. The Celebrity Big Brother 21 promises to challenge sex typecasts. As avid fans, we all can expect the very best of performances and certainly newer features. Celebrity Big Brother 21 will showcase how the female celebrities interrelate in the house before the male celebrities come into the picture.

Celebrity Big Brother 21: Who is hosting?

Similar to Big Brother, CBB 21 hosting duties would be done by the reality show veteran, Emma Willis. CBB's Bit On The Side will be handled by a previous participant and Rylan Clark-Neal, the X Factor finalist. Rylan will regularly be in action with several guests to reminisce all the drama and events happening in the house.

Fans can expect new and challenging characters, with varying personalities. And to complete, the celebration, we can anticipate a female celebrity winning this edition.