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Swedish Allsvenskan Odds

Swedish Allsvenskan

Who wins the Swedish Allsvenskan 2018?

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Allsvenskan (First Division) is the major Swedish football competition, while the second highest professional league is Superettan (Second Division). The Swedish First Division consists of 16 teams. Each team plays a season 30-game schedule, between April and October. All teams play each other twice, once home and once away. At the end of the campaign, the Swedish First Division champion qualify for the first qualifying round of the Champions League.

There will be a league ball for the Allsvenskan and Superettan, for the first time ever in 2017. The contract for 2016 fell apart when the champs could not agree so everything is pushed forward one season. Swedish Elite Football and its compounds have been up the issue of a Royal Ball for a time, but all the clubs and suppliers failed to agree already for the upcoming season in 2017. ’’We can only conclude that 2016 was a little too quickly marched, so now we have a decision on a common league ball from 2017 instead’’, says Mats Enquist. ’’The positive is that all clubs now positive to joint league ball, and we also received support for this from the materials suppliers active in local partnerships with clubs.’’

Which brand it gets on the ball is not clear, it gets the contract will tell. There are many pieces that must fall into place with a common league ball. Clubs must agree to choose a solution and then additionally manage their local contracts with material suppliers.

Malmö FF, the last season’s winners, is the top contender for the title in 2017. Last season, although the club sold top scorer Vidar Örn Kjartansson in August and got a lot of heavy injuries and suspensions during the fall they kept away. The off season period was a full one for the team coached by Allan Kuhn. The team lost big players, including Vidar Örn Kjartansson and Zlatan Azinovic, the last one ending his career. The arrivals include mostly players from Swedish teams (here is to mention Piotr Johansson and Sixten Mohlin). Moreover, the most impressive transfer of the season is Behrang Safari, a player that cames at Malmö FF after playing for Switzerland’s champion, FC Basel.

Most indications are that it is a relatively "new" AIK in 2017 hoping to avoid another spring where gold is slipping from their grasp. There are three key players who helped make AIK to probably form the strongest team in the autumn this year, and there are three players who thus very likely have to be replaced to 2017. Nothing strange really, this kind of gaps always occur in the Allsvenskan top teams between seasons - but it is nonetheless set position.

IFK Gothenburg, one of Sweden's strongest sports brands, is one of the sport clubs in Sweden most exposed to television, newspapers and the most written about on the internet. With those being said and taking a look at the transfers IFK Gothenburg made in the off season, a contraposition is being found. The time is not lost yet, but the club’s stuff need to move fast if they don’t want to lose the contact with the podium of next season.