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Czech First League Odds

Czech First League

Who wins Czech First League 2018/2019?

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Czech First League 2018 – 19

A sheer dominance by Viktoria Plzeň who managed to have the title stuck with their name in the same country and made sure that they had they also made a record by winning 15 league games of the season. Qualification for the Champions League groups stage was yet another achievement for the club. Not ending up in the finals may not be their strongest suit as bigger guns are already there aiming to get the biggest prize trophy of European club football but then again we talk about their performance in the Czech Republic, they truly appeared as a force that was unstoppable. Just 4 losses in 29 matches played is insane! Salvia Prague on the other hand had a very good season alongside Jablonec but then again what we expect from the next year’s tournament is something everyone’s eyes are stuck on.

The way the tournament was forged with most exciting talent coming forward to have their name known it has been more than just remarkable and how the squads are now going to be reinforced in the world cup for Czech Republic is also a very interesting topic. It goes without saying that the 224 matches played produced double the number of goals and we might see it the next season as well. Michal Krmenčík and Milan Škoda who managed to get 12 league goals are already in the line of the expectations from other clubs and as the whole football nation of Czech Republic waits to get more details of how the newer clubs are going to emerge on the points table and how the schedules are going to look like we expect nothing other than more and more firework with the feet in the upcoming tournament.


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