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NHL odds – Get the Best Odds at NHL

odds comparison NHL

Who wins the NHL 2021/2022?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Any Other Team To Win Stanley Cup1.171.17
Any Other State/Providence1.531.53
Bruins, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Canadiens, Rangers Or Maple Leafs To Win Stanley Cup5.005.00
Colorado Avalanche7.006.00
Florida (Lightning Or Panthers)7.007.00
Vegas Golden Knights8.007.50
Tampa Bay Lightning8.507.00
New York (Rangers, Islanders Or Sabres)12.0012.00
Pennsylvania (Flyers Or Penguins)13.0013.00
Boston Bruins14.0013.00
Toronto Maple Leafs15.0013.00
Ontario (Maple Leafs Or Senators)15.0015.00
Alberta (Flames Or Oilers)19.0019.00
Carolina Hurricanes21.0014.00
New York Islanders23.0021.00
California (Ducks, Kings Or Sharks)23.0023.00
Pittsburgh Penguins26.0019.00
Florida Panthers26.0021.00
New York Rangers26.0021.00
Minnesota Wild26.0023.00
Edmonton Oilers29.0021.00
Dallas Stars31.0023.00
Montreal Canadiens31.0023.00
Washington Capitals31.0026.00
Philadelphia Flyers34.0026.00
Winnipeg Jets46.0036.00
St. Louis Blues51.0031.00
Calgary Flames51.0033.00
Seattle Kraken56.0034.00
Chicago Blackhawks56.0051.00
Los Angeles Kings56.0051.00
Vancouver Canucks61.0051.00
Nashville Predators76.0036.00
New Jersey Devils101.0051.00
San Jose Sharks101.0061.00
Columbus Blue Jackets101.0081.00
Ottawa Senators101.0081.00
Anaheim Ducks126.00101.00
Arizona Coyotes151.0066.00
Detroit Red Wings201.00201.00
Buffalo Sabres251.00201.00

The NHL is the fifth-wealthiest professional sport league after the NFL, the MLB, the NBA, and the Premier League by revenue.