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Nokere Koerse 2021 odds

Nokere Koerse 2021 will be held 17 march 2021. There is no odds at Nokere Koerse 2021 yet, but we have already found odds at Tour de France 2021.

Who wins Nokere Koerse 2021?

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Odds Coming Soon1.001.00

Danilith Nokere Koerse 2019

Taking place on Wednesday 20th March, the Danilith Nokere Koerse is a one-day professional cycling race held in the Belgian region of Flanders, and is part of the UCI Europe Tour. The semi-classics race began in 1944 when it was created as the Grand Prix Jules Lowie in honour of 1938 Paris–Nice winner Jules Lowie (who was born in Nokere).

The current champion is Fabio Jakobsen, who beat Amaury Capiot and Hugo Hofstetter in a sprint finish after 191.1 km of racing through the Belgian area around Nokere.

In the race’s history, there have been only seven cyclists not born in either Belgium or the Netherlands who have won the race. Notably, in 2013 the race was cancelled due to bad winter weather.

The 2019 route

This year, the race organisers have changed the course. Starting in Dienze, the route now features 22 km of cobbles. The race director, Rony De Sloovere, describes the new route:

"In the two final loops, the new cobblestone section of Lededorp always sticks out. We walk past the home of Johan Museeuw to get Lededorp to go. As a result, the cobblestones of the Huisepontweg will be cut differently. This time they almost start from a standstill after a bend of 90 degrees."