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KBK odds – Get the Best Odds at Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne

Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne 2021 takes place on 28 February 2021. There is no odds at Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne 2021 yet, but we have already found odds at Tour de France 2021.

Who wins Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne 2021?

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Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne 2020

The Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne is a professional one-day road race that takes place in the Flanders region of Belgium. It is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of February but this year will be on the 1st of March. It belongs to the UCI Europe Tour calendar as 1.Pro category, the new category from the UCI circuit.

It was celebrated for the first time in 1945. Since then, it has been held annually except in 1986, 1993 and 2013 due to bad weather.

Where legends are born. That is the motto of the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne, the second great Flemish classic of the year that is celebrated only one day after the always awaited Het Nieuwsblad Circuit and that for its 2020 edition presented last year a tour with important news with the that seeks to adapt to the new times and continue to maintain its status, being as it is, one of the few great events in that country that lives outside the protective bubble of Flanders Classics.

With these changes, mainly, it is sought to make it more difficult for those interested in an end to the sprint, something that has become traditional in the Belgian race. It's not about making a massive arrival impossible, but about making it a little harder for sprinters.

Thus, making a very brief summary of what will be the Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne of 2020, the race has 75 kilometers completely renewed compared to other editions, a total of eleven climbs (two less than in 2019) and a single lap - instead of two - to the already traditional 15km final circuit in Kuurne.

The main changes will come already in the operative part of the test. After passing through Ronse, the race will go to Mont Saint-Laurent, a new climb that will precede the Kruisberg. From there, you will return to the traditional layout, but Old Kwaremont will now face very close to the final 50 kilometers, thus bringing one of the hot spots of the race to the finish line.

Those sprinters who have managed to survive Old Kwaremont - and the previous ascents - will still have to be very attentive to the Zwalmstreek, an area of very rough roads in which the wind, very frequent there, can play a very important role. After that step, there will still be an area of cobblestones before reaching Kuurne, where only one return to the final circuit will be undertaken instead of the two that were traditional.