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NFL odds – Get the Best Odds at NFL

Who wins NFL February 7, 2021?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Kansas City Chiefs5.005.00
Baltimore Ravens7.007.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers9.009.00
Pittsburgh Steelers9.509.50
Seattle Seahawks11.0011.00
Green Bay Packers12.0012.00
New Orleans Saints15.0015.00
Los Angeles Rams18.0018.00
Tennessee Titans21.0021.00
Buffalo Bills23.0023.00
Arizona Cardinals29.0029.00
San Francisco 49Ers29.0029.00
Indianapolis Colts31.0031.00
Cleveland Browns41.0041.00
Chicago Bears51.0051.00
Philadelphia Eagles51.0051.00
New England Patriots61.0061.00
Las Vegas Raiders67.0067.00
Detroit Lions81.0081.00
Carolina Panthers101.00101.00
Dallas Cowboys101.00101.00
Los Angeles Chargers101.00101.00
Miami Dolphins101.00101.00
Atlanta Falcons151.00151.00
Washington Football Team151.00151.00
Houston Texans201.00201.00
Minnesota Vikings201.00201.00
Denver Broncos226.00226.00
New York Giants351.00351.00
Cincinnati Bengals601.00601.00
Jacksonville Jaguars1001.001001.00
New York Jets1501.001501.00

The NFL Championship is known as the Super Bowl. It is the biggest sports event in the United States each year. SBS offers a Super Bowl betting guide with specific betting tips for each yearly event.

Popular betting options include winner outright, the over/under, and prop bets.

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