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Super Bowl odds

Who wins Super Bowl February 11, 2024?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
San Francisco 49Ers4.334.00
Kansas City Chiefs7.006.00
Philadelphia Eagles7.406.50
Baltimore Ravens8.007.50
Miami Dolphins9.008.00
Dallas Cowboys10.009.00
Detroit Lions21.0015.00
Jacksonville Jaguars30.0021.00
Buffalo Bills38.0031.00
Houston Texans55.0041.00
Cleveland Browns90.0067.00
Green Bay Packers101.0061.00
Pittsburgh Steelers101.0061.00
Indianapolis Colts101.0081.00
Los Angeles Rams101.0081.00
Atlanta Falcons110.0081.00
Minnesota Vikings170.00101.00
Seattle Seahawks190.0061.00
Los Angeles Chargers190.00101.00
New Orleans Saints200.00101.00
Cincinnati Bengals201.00101.00
Tampa Bay Buccaneers260.00151.00
Denver Broncos280.0081.00
New York Jets501.00201.00
Las Vegas Raiders501.00280.00
Chicago Bears751.00300.00
Washington Commanders751.00300.00
New York Giants1001.00300.00
Tennessee Titans1001.00300.00
Carolina Panthers1001.001001.00
Arizona Cardinals1501.00300.00
New England Patriots2001.00801.00

Things To Know About Super Bowl 2024

Las Vegas is proud to host the most spectacular national sporting event. You can guarantee that it will be unforgettable.

NFL owners have selected Las Vegas as the host of Super Bowl LVIII, set to occur on February 11th, 2024. Super Bowl will be held at the recently opened Allegiant Stadium, marking the 1st time that both Las Vegas and Nevada have hosted the event, solidifying the city's reputation as a "Greatest Arena on Earth™."

What is the Super Bowl 2024?

The National Football League has invited the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority and the Las Vegas Raiders to work together on a bid to host Super Bowl LVIII. After a rigorous and extensive effort that lasted nearly a year, the proposal was successfully presented and received unanimous approval from all 32 NFL teams during a meeting in Dallas.

“Hosting the Super Bowl is a landmark moment for Las Vegas," proclaimed Steve Hill, CEO & President of LVCVA. "The combination of this glorious event with Las Vegas's unrivaled energy will be unmatched. Our city's goal is to create Super Bowl LVIII, the most exciting sporting event ever.

The National Football League has been a fantastic ally, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with your team, the Host Committee & our partners throughout the city to prove that Las Vegas truly deserves the title of 'The World's Greatest Arena."


February 11th, 2024




3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118



Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

Host team for the Super Bowl 2024

The 2024 Super Bowl will be held at the home stadium of the Las Vegas Raiders, marking the first time the team has hosted the event since its move from Oakland to Las Vegas.

The wait is finally over. Despite hosting many other big sporting events, Las Vegas has yet to host the Super Bowl. But that will all alter on February 11th, 2024.

The upcoming game is expected to be an eye-catching event. The venue will draw a diverse crowd, including businesses, enthusiasts, admirers, and more. The coaches will need to implore their athletes to conduct themselves impeccably, as the allures of Las Vegas are well known to be challenging to resist.

The future performance of the Las Vegas Raiders remains uncertain. However, they can become the 3rd team in the recent four years to compete in the championship game on the home field. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers accomplished this feat in 2020, followed by the Los Angeles Rams in 2021.

Performance of Las Vegas Raiders this Season

The Las Vegas Raiders had a lackluster season, failing to meet the expectations set before the start of the year. To bolster their lineup, the Raiders acquired Davante Adams, an All-Pro wide receiver, to play alongside his college quarterback Derek Carr. There were high hopes that the team would become a dominant force in the league.

The Raiders' 2022 season was filled with obstacles. They ended the year with a disappointing 6-11 record, placing third in the AFC West, and missed the chance to compete in the playoffs. Additionally, reports suggest that the team will be separating from their franchise quarterback, Derek Carr, marking the end of a significant period in Las Vega's history.

LAS VEGAS To HOST Super Bowl 2024

The NFL owners made a decision today, awarding Las Vegas the rights to host Super Bowl LVIII. Scheduled for February 11th, 2024, the championship game will occur at the newly built Allegiant Stadium. This marks the 1st time that both Las Vegas and Nevada will host the Super Bowl, establishing the city as the Greatest Arena on Earth™.

The National Football League invited the LVCVA and the Las Vegas Raiders to join forces and submit a bid for hosting Super Bowl LVIII. The bid was submitted after a year-long process and was accepted by the 32 NFL clubs today during a meeting in Dallas.

“Securing the opportunity to host the Super Bowl is a historic milestone for Las Vegas," commented Steve Hill, CEO & President of the LVCVA. "The city's unmatched energy combined with the grandeur of such a massive event will create an unforgettable experience.

The city is dedicated to making Super Bowl LVIII the most thrilling sports event in history. The NFL has been a fantastic partner, and we are eager to collaborate with their team, our partners, and Host Committee throughout the destination to demonstrate why Las Vegas truly deserves its reputation as the Greatest Arena on Earth.”