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Love Island 2020 Odds

Love Island 2020: Top Male

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Love Island 2020: Top Female

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Love Island 2019 preview

As the UK prepares for another Love Island series which commences on June 3rd, here is a look at the contestants and the favourites to win the show this year.

Starting with the girls we have Amy Hart, Amy is a 26-year-old who used to be an air hostess from Worthing in West Sussex and says she’s looking for someone to travel the world with and says she’s the Bridget Jones of her friend group. Her claim to fame is when she had an Instagram photo with Liam Payne from one direction and the post went viral. She is the favourite to be top girl by the end of the series.

Anna Vakali is the second favourite to be top girl, Anna is 28 years old and has a masters degree but says there’s more to her than “just the glam look”. Anna is a pharmacist and already has lots of followers as she went to Qatar with two Iranian footballers. Lucie Donlan is the third favourite girl, she’s a 21-year-old surfer. She says she stands out because she’s more into sports as well as being glamorous. Lucie says there’s less drama hanging out with guys and she never has a Boyfriend for longer than 6 months as she gets bored.

Then we go to the boys, Tommy Fury is the favourite to finish top boy at the end of the series and is the younger brother of Heavyweight Boxer Tyson Fury. The 20-year-old says he’s honest, charismatic, charming, talkative and a bit lazy. He’s hoping he can use the show to showcase his personality.

Curtis Pritchard is the second favourite to finish as top boy in the 2019 show, Curtis is the younger brother of Strictly star AJ Pritchard and says he dislikes using phones or technology so he hopes the Love Island life will suit him. He also says he’s lived a sheltered life so far, therefore, he hasn’t dated much.

Another Islander who is tipped to win is firefighter Michael Griffiths. Michael is the third favourite to finish as top boy and is a 27-year-old who thinks of himself as straight-talking, open, energetic and easy to get along with although he says “people don’t always like the truth.”

Other contestants that will appear on the show are Scientist Yewande Biala, beauty therapist Amber Gill, Joe Garratt, Callum Macleod, Anton Danyluk and Chef Sherif Lanre.

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