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Booker Prize odds – Get the Best Odds at Booker Prize

Who will get the Booker Prize 2024?

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The Booker Prize


The Booker Prize is one of the most prestigious literary awards in the United Kingdom. This prize is awarded to the best original novel written in the English language. In order to win this prize the novel has to be published in the UK and Ireland. The first ever Booker Prize was awarded in 1969 and since then the tradition has continued every year. In old days the prize could only be awarded to authors from the South Africa, Ireland and all Commonwealth Nations however in 2014 the pool was widened to any English language novel published in the UK.

How Important Is The Booker Prize

The Booker Prize is known to boost the winning novelist’s fame. Novelists, who have the distinction of winning The Booker Prize in the past, saw a huge boost in their fame and in the sales for all their future publications. It is a huge honour for authors and novelists to be awarded the Booker Prize. It is a very prestigious award and its importance can be judged by the fact that it can have a very positive domino effect on the career of the winning author.

How Does The Prize Work

The award is only awarded to authors who pen down fictional novels. Authors can submit a maximum of two titles for the Booker Prize. The committee overlooking the selection process gets hundreds of entries from all over the United Kingdom.