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Tour de Romandie 2021 odds

Tour de Romandie 2021 will be held 27 april-2 May 2021. There is no odds at Tour de Romandie 2021 yet, but we have already found odds at Tour de France 2021.

Who wins Tour de Romandie 2021?

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No Odds Right Now1.001.00

Tour de Romandie 2019

Tour de Romandie 2019 is a pro cycling race which held in Romandie, Switzerland. The event of La Fleche starts in the end days of April each year and is the part of the UCI World Tour. The race stage type and one of the major races held in Switzerland. The race amounts the distance of 686 kilometers and contains 6 stages. The 73rd version of Tour De Romandie 2019 is going to be same as the previous year from route to distance. The surface of Tour De Romandie consists of several sprints, time trial, and hilly mountains.

The 2018’s event of Tour De Romandie was won by Michael Matthews (Team Sunweb) from Australia with the lead of 4 seconds while Tom Bohli (BMC Racing) took the second place.

The Route 2019

The route of De Romandie 2019 distances around 686 kilometers with up to 6 stages. The six-day race in the French-talking some portion of Switzerland takes in a ton of ascensions yet includes just a single summit wrap up. The lung-busting time preliminary on the fourth day of activity climbs 9.9 kilometers at 8% before the conceivably final next stage takes in challenging height addition of 3,584 meters. The Tour de Romandie sets off with a preamble of 4 kilometers and 20 meters. Not for the blackout of heart as the course includes a few twofold digits inclines. The first stage ventures out more than four mountains to finish on plummet while arranging two highlights 1,988 vertical meters and two ascensions. So, the riders had some an opportunity to utilize their ascension muscles, yet the best – and potentially definitive – is yet to come.

The third stage is an individual time preliminary for mountain goats. Moving through and through, this lung-busting chrono-race adds up to 9.9 kilometers at nearly 8%. Stage 4 is another test in the high mountains – 3,584 vertical meters and five mountains before the race closes with a long plummet and level run-in through the Rhône Valley. The last stage presumably won't have sway on the Tour de Romandie's GC. The course goes more than three ascensions. However, the keep going 100 kilometers are on the level of moving streets.


1-    Fribourg 4KM (Stage time trial)

2-    Fribourg to Delémont 166.6KM (Stage Hilly-mountain)

3-    Delémont to Yverdon-Les-Bains 173.9KM (Stage Hilly-mountain)

4-    Ollon to Villars-sur-Ollon 9.9KM (Stage Mountain-time trial)

5-    Sion to Sion 149.2KM (Stage normal-mountain)

6-    Mont-sur-Rolle to Genève 181.8KM (Stage Hilly-mountain)