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TSL odds – Get the Best Odds at TSL

Turkish Super League odds

Who wins the Turkish Super League (TSL) 2020/2021?

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When will the TSL 2020-2021 season begin?

TSL 2019-2020 Season ended with Kasımpaşa-Başakşehir match played on 26 July. Başakşehir announced the championship last week in the Super League. Leagues postponed due to pandemic were suspended for a while and then continued without audience. After the 34th week of adventure, clubs' preparations for the new season began.Also, details of the Super League 2020-2021 season were discussed and finalized at TFF's board meeting at Riva.

Super League 2020-2021 season will start on September 11, 2020. The league will end with the last week match to be played on Sunday, May 16.

Important decisions were taken at the board meeting held by TFF in Riva in the past weeks. When the season will end at the end of July due to the pandemic process, it was discussed when the 2020-2021 season will start.

The Federation decided that the new season will start on September 11, 2020. There was also a flash decision regarding the foreign rule. Teams will be able to transfer 14 foreign players for the 2020-21 season. The maximum number of foreigners in the first 11 was determined to be 8. The next season, teams will be able to place 7 of the 12 foreigners on the field.

The highly anticipated TFF 2nd League decision was also issued at the meeting. Samsunspor and Bandırmaspor, the winners of the Red and White Group in the TFF 2. League, rose to the TFF 1. League.

Serik Belediye, Kocaeli and Karacabey Belediye went to the 2nd League. The second, third, fourth and fifth teams of both leagues will play play-off matches.

The following decisions were taken at the TFF meeting:

  • Aytemiz Alanyaspor clubs and Trabzonspor will be held between July 29 Ziraat Türkiye Cup final will be played on Wednesday at 21.30 at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium.
  • In the Super League, the 2020-2021 season will begin on Friday, September 11, 2020 and will be completed on Sunday, May 16, 2021. Season planning in the Super League and other Professional leagues will be announced later.
  • 2020-2021 Football Season 1. Transfer and Registration Period will start on 4 August 2020 and end on 5 October 2020. The second transfer and registration period will be announced later.
  • Eligibility of foreign players and players in the Super League is determined as follows in the next two seasons:

Super League clubs can make a contract with a maximum of 14 foreign players in the 2020-2021 season, if a contract is made with 14 players, at least 1 of these players may have been born on 01.01.1996 and later and only 8 of these players continue at the same time. take place in the field. In the 2020-2021 season, it will be obligatory to have a football player who has grown from the infrastructure on 01.01.1998 and later on the list of 21 players.

Super League clubs will be able to contract with a maximum of 12 foreign players in the 2021-2022 season, if a contract is made with 12 players, at least 1 of these players may have been born on 01.01.1998 and later, and only 7 of these players continue the match. can take place in the field at the moment. In the 2021-2022 season, it will be obligatory to have a footballer who was trained in the first 11, 01.01.2000 and later born.

  • The leader of 11 groups from Spor Toto Regional Amateur League to TFF 3rd League will be promoted.
  • The registration format of TFF 2. League and TFF 3. League is determined as follows:

TFF 2. League White Group leader Yılport Samsunspor, TFF 2. League Red Group leader Bandırmaspor was declared champion to TFF 1. League, TFF 3. League 1. Group leader Serik Belediyespor, TFF 3. League 2. Group leader Kocaelispor, TFF 3. League 3. Group leader Karacabey Belediye Spor A. Ş. they were promoted to TFF 2nd League after being declared champions.

Manisa Football Club from the White Group, which ranks second and fifth in the White and Red group in the TFF 2nd League, Hekimoğlu Trabzon, Sancaktepe Futbol Kulübü A.Ş., İnegölspor, Ankara Demirspor from the Red Group, GMG Kastamonuspor, Tuzlaspor A.Ş., Sakaryaspor A.Ş., from the 1st Group, which ranks second and fifth in the TFF 3rd League, from Anagold 24Erzincanspor, 68 Aksaray Belediye Spor, 1928 Bucaspor, Artvin Hopaspor, 2nd Group Belediye Derince Spor, Turgutluspor, Esenler Erokspor, Karşıyaka, Somaspor, Pazarspor, Nevşehir Belediye Spor, Muğlaspor teams from the 3rd Group were entitled to play-off, and the only match will be played between 20-28 July in Antalya according to the elimination system. As a result of the matches, 1 team that will rise to TFF 1st League and 3 teams that will rise to TFF 2nd League will be determined. Play-off matches will take place between league runner-up and league runner-up and league runner-up to run fourth.