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X Features a Crypto Casino Site Should Have

Crypto platforms have become very popular in the online gambling community. They allow the players to bet using cryptocurrencies and mainly Bitcoin. That way the players don’t need to provide any personal or bank information when making payments. They can also bet from anywhere in the world regardless of which payment methods their authorities allow.

In this article, we’ll talk about important features a cryptocurrency casino needs to have. When looking for BTC gambling sites to use, these will come in handy regardless of how much you plan to bet and what games you plan to play.

A Variety of Payment Methods

 A good crypto website needs to offer the players a variety of payment options. This means that they need to accept as many different cryptocurrencies as possible. Smaller cryptocurrencies are less used than Bitcoin and Ethereum, but they have niche pools of players that can be drawn this way. Not all cryptocurrencies are made the same and different currencies allow the players to take advantage of in-game bets and other innovative features.

It’s also not uncommon for some BTC websites to offer payments in traditional fiat currencies. Bitcoin gambling is one the rise, but it’s not in the majority, when compared to casinos that accept government-backed currency. This covers all the options and provides a backup choice.

Customer Support

 Having a good customer support system provides peace of mind for the players using the casino. This means that it needs to be run by polite and experienced experts who can actually solve the issue a player is facing. At the same time, it’s equally important for the players to be able to contact the casino at all times and use emails, phone calls, or chats.

Many crypto gambling sites offer detailed casino reviews including the review of the customer support system and channels the website provide. Study those reviews before settling on which platform to use.

Mobile Compatible

Most of the younger players bet on their mobile devices only. It’s a convenient and quick way to bet and it’s especially well-suited to casual and games of luck that don’t require the player to be that engaged with every bet. Crypto gambling should be managed on a mobile device alone.

This goes for both the gameplay and transferring funds. A player should be able to deposit and withdraw funds to and from a casino, using nothing but a mobile device. BTC wallets are easy to operate from a phone or a tablet.  That way the whole process could be run using a mobile device only.

Cash Out Bets

 Cash-outs are a feature that some BTC websites offer, especially if they provide sports betting. It allows the players to cash out a portion of their bet before the game is over. That way they get a portion of the potential winnings while their team is looking good and has a chance of winning. It’s a way of mitigating risks.

Cash-outs made with Bitcoin are instantaneous, as is the case with any other crypto payment. This means that you can give up at any moment, and use this as a part of your strategy. Bitcoin gambling also means that you can increase your betting budget at any time, which should be a cause for caution. 


 Almost all Bitcoin gambling sites offer bonuses for new players as well as loyalty bonuses for those who stick with a casino and keep making bets. An important feature to look for in a bonus is the wagering requirements attached to it. That’s the amount the player needs to bet on their own in order to withdraw the bonus.

Some bonuses also require a player to deposit their funds first. This fine print is what makes a bonus worth your while and it’s best to carefully compare and contrast bonus offers coming from different casinos.

A Variety of Games

 Crypto websites provide the same games as those that use traditional currency. A variety of games is one of the most useful features to look for in a casino. That way you can start with the games you’re familiar with and good at, but move on to new and more risky games later on.

Sports betting, games of luck, and games of skill should all be available. Games of luck such as slots are the most popular with the players, as they are easy to learn and provide big returns if you’re lucky enough. Games of skill such as poker have the lowest edge in favor of the casino.

In-Game Purchases

 Bitcoin gambling establishments allow in-game purchases made to increase your chances or provide fun mini-games within the larger traditional game. These payments can be made instantaneously and terms of the bet can be written into the code itself. That everyone involved can make sure the games aren’t rigged.

This mix of online games and video games is a growing trend in the world of online gambling and it’s one of the reasons casinos are now more appealing to a younger demographic.

Automating Bets and Money Management

 When it comes to games of luck such as slots, players can automate a portion of the gameplay. There’s no need for a player to be engaged with the game at all times since they can’t affect its outcome. A player can set the parameters of a bet and when to raise or withdraw from one. The casino app will do the rest.

The same goes for managing the overall betting budget. A casino should allow the players to set up the amount they are willing to spend and once they go over it, the casino should block you from betting further. It’s a better way to go than relying on your willpower.

Game Statistics

 A crypto website should be open about its statistics and game rules. This means that the player should know what the edge in favor of the house is and what the Return to Player rate is. The return to player rate refers to the percentage of funds that the player keeps over the long-term gameplay. It comes in the form of a percentage.

For instance, if a game has a return-to-player rate of 95 percent, it means out of every $100 you spend on it, you’ll get $95 back in the long run. BTC gambling sites should also make it easy to determine the current value of the cryptocurrency you’re using. 

Free Education and Trials

A good BTC gambling establishment should help their players learn how to bet free of charge and allow for free demo games as well. This is an expense for the BTC gambling website , but in the long run, it does more than any other feature to bring in new and inexperienced players.

These games work the same as when they are played for real money and you have the same odds of winning, but the game is played for tokens only. That way a player can experience the look and feel of the game without any risk.

To Sum Up

BTC gambling websites are similar to fiat currency casinos when it comes to the games and features players can use. Some of these are a must if you want to have a safe and well-managed BTC gambling experience. There are also a few features that are only available due to the unique technology behind cryptocurrencies. Players should take advantage of these as well.

When making this decision, players should take into consideration their personal preferences and their own betting styles and needs.