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Trofeo Laigueglia 2020 odds

Who wins Trofeo Laigueglia 2020?

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Trofeo Laigueglia 2020

The Laigueglia Trophy is a men's line race that takes place every year on the roads around Laigueglia in Liguria in February. The 47th edition will take place on Sunday 16th February 2020. This trophy was created in 1963 by the community of Laigueglia and gained popularity due to the great tourist growth that had that Italian region.

It is part of the UCI Europe Tour circuit and since 2015 it has been promoted in category 1.HC. Since the 2020 season, Laigueglia has been included in the races called UCI Pro Series, the new world cycling category that is just behind the World Tour races.

This is a race that has traditionally been won by Italian cyclists. Proof of this is that the last foreign cyclist who won this course was Jose Serpa in 2014. The previous foreign victory dates back to 2007 and was won by the Russian Mikhail Ignatiev. Up to 37 times an Italian cyclist lifted the trophy on the podium. The last season the winner was the italian Simone Velasco.

Preview of Trofeo Laigueglia 2020

With the promotion of category to 1.Pro, more UCI Pro Tour teams will confirm their participation in the course and there will be more quality within the bunch. No doubt the race will be even more exciting.

It is a cycling race that has traditionally changed its course little. A race of around 200 km with two hills to climb, Cima Paravenna and Testico, but far from the finish line. More excitement will bring the last 45 km in a circuit of 11 km where they will have to climb 4 times the Colla Michieri from 2.1 km to 7.9%. The last summit will be less than 10 km from the finish line.

A final race with a small bunch of cyclists will be most likely to happen in this course. Therefore, a final sprint with explosive cyclists who managed to pass the Colla Michieri with sufficient energy will compete for crossing the finish line in the first place.

Top Competitors

Davide Cimolai will want to repeat the success of 2015 and lift the trophy at the Laigueglia podium.

Andrea Vendrame is a young cyclist who likes day races and will want to repeat the success of Tro-Bro Leon in 2019 where he won the race.


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