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Premier League Bottom Half odds

Premier League Bottom Half odds

Premier League 2019/2020 To finish at bottom half

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To finish at bottom half

The strongest football league in the world still holds that primacy, because English teams also were dominating European competitions last season. That is why the European champions, Liverpool and Europa League champions Chelsea are playing in the Premier League now, and their opponents in the finals were also English teams, Tottenham and Arsenal. The home trophies were picked up by Manchester City, and that speaks about the strength of the league, in which only Manchester United was completely out of the big ones. Now they too want to get involved in the trophy fight and it is clear that we will be watching a great English Championship again and it is very possible that it will again be an equally uncertain fight to win the title. The epic fight between Man.City and Liverpool until the last round and the failure of Liverpool are still remembered, though they lost only one match in the complete championship. This is a league where it’s more difficult to predict the middle and bottom of the table then the top of the table. The smaller clubs are more similar to each other and everyone can win against everyone at least on home ground.

After three seasons in the Championship, Aston Villa returns to the company of the best, and they really struggled to make a comeback. On the bench remains manager Dean Smith, who took over the team in October last year and since he brought the team to the Premier League, he remains on the bench. They are aware in the team from Birmingham of how strong the Premier League is and still noticeably stronger than the Championship and it is clear that they have had to reach for reinforcements. Reinforcements are numerous and have brought players across all lines of the team. They bought a few stoppers and here we stand out for Engels and Konsa. Guilbert was brought to the right flank, Targett to the left, and they also bought a lot in the attacking area. As a new Premier League team, it is logical that many see Aston Villa as a serious candidate for relegation. However, this team wants to stay in the company of the best and they have brought in a number of reinforcements to reach this goal. Individually, they look good enough to survive, but the problem may be lack of knowledge between the players and therefore there can be uncertainty. But compared to other teams it looks like Aston Villa will not have problem to avoid relegation and to finish in bottom half of the table.

For Southampton last season was stressful. They spent the entire championship in the bottom of the table and their best placement was actually 12th place at the very beginning. Later, they fell to the relegation zone on several occasions, so it is not surprising that they changed their manager in December. They do not want to fight for survival again, which is why they have made changes in their composition, though the most important thing is that they have retained some of the main players. The players who left did not leave a gap and they brought in better, so the placement should be better and closer to the middle of the table than the relegation zone.

The fifth consecutive season for Watford in the company of the best, and the previous four have been very similar when it comes to placement in the end. They are usually in the lower part of the table, but only once they were dangerously close to the relegation zone. However, last year was the best of all, not only because they finished 11th , but also because they played the FA Cup final. The main players in the team remained so they shouldn’t think about relegation at all, most likely they will finish in the middle of the table. It is unlikely that they will repeat their success in the Cup, but in the championship they would have to be even closer to European positions again than to the bottom of the table. It is most realistic for them to be around the 10th place again.

We also placed Crystal Palace in the group of teams that would be at the bottom half of the table, just like last season. They spent the entire last championship in the bottom half of the table, but they were never in the relegation zone. They were solid last season and the placement in the end was objective. In the new season they are almost in the same lineup and minimal changes should not disrupt Crystal Palace's game, which means that similar results can be expected. It will be difficult to get to the top of the table, but they should not be among the most serious candidates for relegation.

West Ham has been playing roughly the same every year for years and the final placement confirms this. They have only had one step up in the previous seven seasons when they reached the Europa League qualifications, with the other seasons being placed between 10th and 13th. Last season they were 10th with a very poor start of the championship, then they stabilized form and spent the rest of the season somewhere around the middle of the table. Two worthy reinforcements are what underpin optimism in the West Ham ranks, but also they are without some players, so it is not realistic to expect a much better season than the last one.

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