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Premier League Bottom Half odds

Premier League Bottom Half odds

Premier League 2020/2021 To finish at bottom half

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Premier League 2020/21

Bottom half

We can say that bottom half of the Premier League and relegation battle is almost as exciting and fun as the championship title race is. In the last few seasons the clubs are fighting to avoid relegation to the last round and so it is this season. Only one team was relegated earlier in the season – Norwich. Aston Villa, Norwich and Sheffield United were promoted to the Premier League last season and showed totally different performances in Premier League as Sheffield is in the top half of the table, Norwich is relegated and Aston Villa still has some chances of avoiding the relegation. Watford is in the best position to stay in the league and Bournemouth has minimum chances of avoiding relegation. In the end whoever manage to stay in the league will be among the main candidates for relegation in the next season.

It is common from the newly promoted clubs to be in the bottom half of the table in the first season. So far only Leeds United won promotion to Premier League after 16 years playing in lower leagues. Bielsa’s team impressed in the Championship and he composed team who deserve respect. The bookmakers are placing Leeds among the clubs in the bottom half of the table for next season, although many are seeing Leeds in the middle of the table.

Brighton second season in a row manages to avoid relegation although they had some trouble periods this season. And in the next season they will have to give everything to stay in the league.

West Ham is club that has much more potential than to fight to avoid relegation but this season they didn’t showed much. If they don’t improve their game and next season they will be in trouble.

Burnley and Sheffield are also considered as clubs that will finish in the bottom half of the table next season even after amazing season they had. But many will agree that there are many worst clubs in Premier League than Burnley and Sheffield right now.

We will have clearer picture when this season ends, and of course transfer period in which anything can change.