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Miss Universe Winner Odds

Who wins Miss Universe 2019?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Miss Portugal4.004.00
Miss Brazil4.334.33
Miss El Salvador4.504.50
Miss Thailand4.504.50
Miss Puerto Rico5.005.00
Miss Costa Rica5.505.50
Miss Usa5.505.50
Miss Colombia6.506.50
Miss Iceland6.506.50
Miss Australia7.007.00
Miss Venezuela8.008.00
Miss Bolivia9.509.50
Miss Mexico9.509.50
Miss Philippines9.509.50
Miss Chile10.0010.00
Miss France10.0010.00
Miss Sweden13.0013.00
Miss Poland14.0014.00
Miss Finland15.0015.00
Miss Germany15.0015.00
Miss India15.0015.00
Miss Spain17.0017.00
Miss Israel18.0018.00
Miss Namibia19.0019.00
Miss Panama19.0019.00
Miss Angola21.0021.00
Miss Argentina21.0021.00
Miss Japan21.0021.00
Miss Canada23.0023.00
Miss Indonesia23.0023.00
Miss South Africa23.0023.00
Miss Barbados26.0026.00
Miss Malaysia26.0026.00
Miss Myanmar26.0026.00
Miss Norway26.0026.00
Miss Denmark31.0031.00
Miss Greece31.0031.00
Miss Armenia34.0034.00
Miss Belize34.0034.00
Miss Aruba36.0036.00
Miss Bahamas36.0036.00
Miss Belgium36.0036.00
Miss British Virgin Islands36.0036.00
Miss Cayman Islands36.0036.00
Miss Croatia36.0036.00
Miss Curaçao36.0036.00
Miss Czech Republic36.0036.00
Miss Ecuador36.0036.00
Miss Egypt36.0036.00
Miss Great Britain36.0036.00
Miss Kazakhstan36.0036.00
Miss Kenya36.0036.00
Miss Korea36.0036.00
Miss Kosovo36.0036.00
Miss Mauritius36.0036.00
Miss Mongolia36.0036.00
Miss Nigeria36.0036.00
Miss Northern Ireland36.0036.00
Miss Paraguay36.0036.00
Miss Ukraine36.0036.00
Miss Vietnam36.0036.00
Miss Albania41.0041.00
Miss Cambodia41.0041.00
Miss Dominican Republic41.0041.00
Miss Kyrgyzstan41.0041.00
Miss Malta41.0041.00
Miss Netherlands41.0041.00
Miss Nicaragua41.0041.00
Miss Slovakia41.0041.00
Miss Haiti46.0046.00
Miss Italy46.0046.00
Miss Jamaica46.0046.00
Miss Laos46.0046.00
Miss Macau China46.0046.00
Miss New Zealand46.0046.00
Miss St Lucia46.0046.00
Miss Turkey46.0046.00
Miss Guam51.0051.00
Miss Lithuania51.0051.00
Miss Peru51.0051.00
Miss Singapore51.0051.00
Miss Uruguay51.0051.00
Miss Bulgaria56.0056.00
Miss Honduras56.0056.00
Miss Equatorial Guinea61.0061.00
Miss Nepal61.0061.00
Miss Sierra Leone61.0061.00
Miss Tanzania67.0067.00
Miss Zambia67.0067.00
Miss Georgia76.0076.00
Miss U.S. Virgin Islands76.0076.00


The Miss Universe platform is a forum where young ladies all across the globe in different skins and color come together to compete. The Miss Universe event holds for a period of three weeks every year, cultural and political difference are put aside and friendships and oneness are promoted. This forum is believed to be provided for women to fully discover likeness of all women from different countries, and also to celebrate themselves at the stage of their adult lives. This really contributes to world peace and unity in the society.

With so many beautiful ladies contesting for the 2019 crown, it is okay to say that the 2019 Miss Universe event will be epic, it will be an event to remember. Many supermodels from all over the world are coming together to compete for one beauty crown; which country do you think will win the crown?

For many years now, the word “pageant” has always been linked to “world peace,” usually in a satirical point of view. We are happy to fully embrace this noble course in a real sense and hope that the best beauty contestant will make her country proud.

According to the expected host of Miss Universe 2019, the 2019 Miss Universe contest will be much more than just a beauty pageant; women from all over the world who are aspiring to participate in the 2019 Miss Universe, must be well-mannered, intelligent, cultured and smart. So many contestants have ended up losing because they did not politely answer the questions they were asked during the question and answer round.


Presently, the last placement of the three or five finalists will be determined by their ranked vote, where every judge will rank each final contestants. The candidate that posts the lowest total score (although often, but not always the candidate with the highest votes) becomes the winner. If it ends up to be a tie, then the final decision will be made from the highest semifinal scores.


Of course, like with any major competitive event, there’s an opportunity to make things a bit more interesting by placing a wager on the outcome. Maybe you have a good idea who you think will win, or you want to support the contestant representing your country – perhaps you just want to have a bit of fun.

Whatever your reasons, if you want to put some money on the results, you should look around to find a great betting site offering odds on the glamorous pageant. Most of these sites focus on sporting events, so if you want to get the best odds then take a look at the best betting sites recommended by The competition doesn’t take place until December, and with the venue not yet finalised, it’s still too early to say who will be the eventual winner. The reigning champion is from the Philippines, and this year there are also strong candidates from the Asian continent, as well as Latin America.


The winner of Miss Universe 2019, will be awarded a contract with MUO, popularly called Miss Universe Organization, and this contract will last for a year. During her reign as Miss Universe 2019, she gets to visit different countries around the world to talk about public awareness of AIDS, control of diseases, and peace. Apart from this job, the winner of Miss Universe 2019 will receive a cash allowance throughout her reign, a scholarship at New York Film Academy, shoes, clothes, a modelling portfolio, beauty care products, healthcare, fitness and styling by the pageant sponsors. She also gets access to shows and events such as opening galas and fashion shows, as well as free access to modelling opportunities and casting calls.


Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe in 2018 and she is still the reigning Miss Universe today. It was a very happy day of Catriona Gray’s life as well as her family. She is 24 years old and the winner of Miss Universe 2018. The one time winner of Miss Philippine is also a singer, Filipino television host, beauty pageant titleholder, stage actress, and a model.


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