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Dota 2 - TI 2018 odds

Who wins Dota 2 - The International 2018?

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Evil Geniuses3.003.00

As always, Valve’s The International Dota 2 never fails to break new records. With a prize pool already 25 percent higher when compared to the same time last year, T18 is already past $6.5 million and seems poised to reach $30 million this year.

Now that will be some serious cash for any tournament, but for an e-sports tournament, that is not only unprecedented, but is also very mind-boggling too. Last year’s 2017 International broke the record with a $24 million prize pool, though we should mention that The International has been setting and subsequently breaking the all-time record every year for the past five years running.

Now coming to the game, well with another iteration of changes and improvements made (with many based on player feedback), this year’s Battle Pass is better and bigger than last year’s. As in this year the matchmaking consists of two Battle Pass only game modes, in the first one (a ranked role-based matchmaking mode) the player gets to pre-select the position they wish to play (safelane, support, mid, offlane) while Dota attempts to assemble a full team around these roles.

All sorts of imba tweaks are made, in the second one called the “Mutation” game mode. For example, the first day’s mutation involved overpowered ancient creeps, jungle & runes mixing it up with lane creeps, and the ability to raise fallen teammates (sounds quite a lot of fun doesn't it).

Other tweaks include, you'll be able to hand out weekly quota of tips that no longer comes out of your personal battlepoint stockpile (so tip away!). Also there are new ways to earn battle points (I’ll mention one as we go along), meepo announcer(s), chat wheel shouts, a new jade-themed terrain map, courier, and finally the 2018 TI8 compendium itself.

One of additional ways that players will be able to earn battle points is through “wager tokens” (sounds great doesn't it) that can be used to place informal bets on upcoming professional matches in both minor and major events. For example, ESL One Birmingham 2018 (which kicks off on May 23rd) is the last major before The International 2018, though there are various minors starting before and after as well. These are just the tip of the iceberg, for more details browse to the official TI8 Battle Pass page.

In an effort to smash more records, just for reaching $25 million this year, Valve has promised that all battle pass owners will receive an additional 10 levels, and another 10 levels if the prize pool somehow reaches $30 million.

For the uninitiated, 25% of all battle pass proceeds contribute directly to the prize pool, so if we remove the initial $1.6 million base, the entirety of the prize pool is funded by the Dota 2 players themselves. As usual, expect more treasures, caches, chests, events and drops leading up to The International 8, which will kick off at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada this August!


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