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Handbollsligan odds


Who wins the Handbollsligan in Sweden 2019?

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Handbollsligan (literally, "The Handball league") is the highest league in the league system of Swedish handball and comprises the top 14 Swedish handball teams. The first season began in 1931–32. The season ends with a play-off and a final like Super Bowl.

The Swedish Elithandboll agrees to continue developing the handball and making the finals the best all year round for all sports enthusiasts, a festive end of the past handball season and celebration of the Swedish Championships and associated activities for all involved and interested.

After a failed season where you just managed to avoid a negative misery, Lindesberg has begun to kiss a squad to climb the table next year. The new reinforcement is thus 28-year-old high-end Filip Ottosson, who is most likely to be released in the Handball League with HIF Karlskrona. He is the club's second signing from the Handball League for next season. Club manager Ricky Nordahl is pleased with the acquisition. Lif Lindesberg presented the next puzzle piece in the team building for the coming season.

The one now joining is Filip Ottosson who comes from games with HIF Karlskrona in the handball league.   Filip has participated and qualified Västerås up to Elitserien and HIF Karlskrona left in the Handball League. “There are experiences that we hope to enjoy in spring 2019”, says Ricky Nordahl, CEO of the club, on the club's website.

Hammarby Handboll kicked off the pre-season training for the Handball League 2018/2019 by going to Västerås for the final test of handball legend Claes Hellgren and his team. Bajan's sports director Robert Venäläinen, who during his years as a player trained for Claes Hellgren and has experienced his tough training methods, was pleased after the kick-start. "It feels incredibly exciting and this is the first step on our new journey.”

Hammarby offers the promising center back Viktor Bergklint a new one-year contract.  19-year-old Viktor Bergklint has played mainly in Hammarby's development team in the last year and made 44 goals in total during the season.  He will be important in team’s coming season. And if we continue development, we hope to see him in the team at some times this winter, "said Hammarby's sports director Robert Venäläinen.

Born in Torslanda and last played in the club season 2014-2015. Henrik Dahlberg returns to HK Torslanda Elit! He was acquired to HK Country in Allsvenskan 2015/2016 and continued to the Handball League and IFK Ystad season 2016/2017. After one year, Henrik moved on to IFK Skövde in the Handball League where he played the last season. Now the circle ends and Henrik will represent his mother club, HK Torslanda Elit, the coming seasons. Henrik has many good qualities and his excellence is heavy shooting from 9 meters. During his years in the Handball League, Henrik has also developed his defense game and will also contribute a lot to the defense. He comes with his experience and routine to be a useful player, both forward and backward, for the team in pursuit of higher goals. Henrik is also included in the Swedish beach handball team team to play the World Cup in Russia during the summer.